Make British SPAA better

I’m in my Rank IV Skink trying to shoot down jets and it really makes me annoyed at how crappy these SPAA’s are. Not only can are the mags short so only a few seconds of shooting permits, but also the turret struggles to track fast movers. I hit a ME262 5+ times with 20mm shells yet he carried on with no damage. Hitting anything once that’s travelling at 800kph is an achievement, but multiple hits with no real effect is disheartening.
Also annoying when jets are murdering your teammates and you think going SPAA will help yet all it does is reduce an effective tank class and turn it into static defense that is very poor in its intended (and only viable) roll.

It feels like the devs are hesitant to make mid SPAA’s effective as the plane fans are so militant.
They can at least make the poor Skink capable of sustained fire, more ammo, better turret speed and less prone to overheating. Also improve its appaling reload speed.

This poor excuse of a tank has to carry the British ground defense all the way to BR 8.0…

Use the Bosvark instead. It’s much better at actually shooting down planes than the Skink. I honestly can’t remember the last time I used my Skink… was probably before it got uptiered to 5.0 anyhow.

The Yestervark is another good option. They both have their down sides (exposed crew, terrible vehicle handling and odd turret rotation issues), but their fast firing 20mm and 23mm make up for their shortcomings.