Make based skill match making

Ground , Air , Naval etc .

Tired of the 99% uptiers and playing vs chinese hackers (obviously) after their chinese server closing , a lot of cheaters appeared . Also I hate the fact that I get queued with people that have X-RAY for eyes .

I’d rather wait 10 minutes + for a single match than leave after 00:5 seconds cause someone sniped me across the map from their spawn .

This game is depressing af and I can’t believe that people making games like this on purpose just to make money …

Or they can just add ranked matchmaking

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So called “skill based” matchmaking is always absolute dogshit and ends up pissing off everyone. Also the legendary chinese cheaters are pretty much nonexistent, or maybe they infest the US server specifically so I just don’t end up seeing them, most of my deaths are simply due to the enemy vehicles massively outperforming mine


Its harder to notice cheaters on this game. But from my encounters 9/10 are chinese (what a surprise). The most common cheat is ESP coupled with the arcade marker (yes they fucking have the arcade markers on realistic battles)


I’d only be interested in skill based MM if it gave you a bunch of extra rewards for moving up the skill ranks:

Better SL/RP, some sort of rank/insignia next to my name, unique camos/decals, etc

Otherwise I have no interest in playing only against the best players for exactly the same reward system as now.

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Skill based matchmaking will make the game worse. I have never heard anyone praise it.

It will lead to a very unfun experience due to how it works.

Someone with more than a single brain cell can easily hide the fact they’re using ESP, and just that tool alone will transform them from being meh to being really, really good.

It would be great if it could just be on its own, but it can’t. Because you’d still have to ALSO have BR. So the combination of the two at once would absolutely MURDER queue times.

And players are notoriously wrong about their own preferences and generally ignored in the game design industry, when it comes to queue times. Players say “Oh yeah I’d happily wait 10 minutes!” but then they don’t, and they get angry and quit later.

Happens all the time, long queue times are absolutely poison for PVP games. Full stop, basically no exceptions.

You could only do it by blending BR and skill at the same time. For example “If you’re of high skill, you get a permanent + 0.3BR in all your matchmaking, until/unless your win rate comes back down”, and vice versa.

Which would actually probably be a good system for fun games, but you could never implement it without the headquarters being burned down. Also it would be susceptible to smurfing to a degree (but the grind and premium vehicles limits that)

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BR is already partially skill based matchmaking anyway, by the way, just not fine-grained. Only at the aggregate team level. But if one team is 1.5x more skilled than another team, that amount of skill is already being canceled out by BR.

Because skill of the team → more wins → vehicle outperforms → BR goes up → BR is then used for matchmaking

So we already have “[Nation average] Skill Based Matchmaking”

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