Make based skill match making

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Or they can just add ranked matchmaking


So called “skill based” matchmaking is always absolute dogshit and ends up pissing off everyone. Also the legendary chinese cheaters are pretty much nonexistent, or maybe they infest the US server specifically so I just don’t end up seeing them, most of my deaths are simply due to the enemy vehicles massively outperforming mine


I’d only be interested in skill based MM if it gave you a bunch of extra rewards for moving up the skill ranks:

Better SL/RP, some sort of rank/insignia next to my name, unique camos/decals, etc

Otherwise I have no interest in playing only against the best players for exactly the same reward system as now.

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Skill based matchmaking will make the game worse. I have never heard anyone praise it.

It will lead to a very unfun experience due to how it works.


It would be great if it could just be on its own, but it can’t. Because you’d still have to ALSO have BR. So the combination of the two at once would absolutely MURDER queue times.

And players are notoriously wrong about their own preferences and generally ignored in the game design industry, when it comes to queue times. Players say “Oh yeah I’d happily wait 10 minutes!” but then they don’t, and they get angry and quit later.

Happens all the time, long queue times are absolutely poison for PVP games. Full stop, basically no exceptions.

You could only do it by blending BR and skill at the same time. For example “If you’re of high skill, you get a permanent + 0.3BR in all your matchmaking, until/unless your win rate comes back down”, and vice versa.

Which would actually probably be a good system for fun games, but you could never implement it without the headquarters being burned down. Also it would be susceptible to smurfing to a degree (but the grind and premium vehicles limits that)


BR is already partially skill based matchmaking anyway, by the way, just not fine-grained. Only at the aggregate team level. But if one team is 1.5x more skilled than another team, that amount of skill is already being canceled out by BR.

Because skill of the team → more wins → vehicle outperforms → BR goes up → BR is then used for matchmaking

So we already have “[Nation average] Skill Based Matchmaking”

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BR is already partially skill based matchmaking anyway

Nice joke, saw a 10.0 premium warrior with the complete 8.7 to 10.3 premium lineup including the T-80UD and T-55AM1 and on all his vehicles he had a KDR of like -5 on all of them.

SBMM is arguably one of the most disastrous concepts in modern gaming, it singlehandedly ruined several online games, and if added to War Thunder, it won’t be the exception.

Ask Gaijin to ban cheaters instead and move on.


Keep hoping OP, Gaijin ain’t gonna any of those things, Because all these things help their ‘frustration-based revenue system’ and They are making triple digits millions due to it.

Unless most players grow a spine, Nothing is ever gonna change.


Nice anecdote bro .

Most of the comments are trashing your idea, but yeah. It’s a “nice anecdote”.


The reason behind that line of thought is that Gaijin has the final word on wether someone is cheating or not, given the parameters EAC tags as cheating.

That’s EAC’s accountability for its incompetence. You shouldn’t expect Gaijin to revamp the entire matchmaking bracket system only because EAC doesn’t do it’s only job.

In the end you are just upset about cheaters, not about how the matchmaker works.

Will never happen, the game does not have enough players spread over all the modes, ranks, vehicle type to make anything but the bare bones matchmaking system we have now. This would increase queue times which is a big no-no for Gaijin.
A complicated system would increase queue times and is also hard to do, and if you want to put in the minimum effort for a return it will not be implemented.
One of the biggest goals for the company (apart from raiding your cash) is to cycle you through games quickly so you get into the queue pool as soon as possible.

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Of course, if they didn’t make the game so miserable for new players and give experienced ones advantages, there would probably be a lot more players playing a lot more games.

You wouldn’t be playing against the best players. You would be playing against only the players who have the same performance level as you.

Most of which have 10K+ games so… not exactly unbiased.

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