Make all machine guns functional

Seems more of the case he wants the ability to manually swap between each gunner rather than pressing V and moving it that way. Similar to how single bomber-based aircraft such as the Aichi D3A and Ju-87 give you a First Person POV. But for multi-positioned bombers.

However, this isn’t related at all to the suggestion and makes no sense here. As this suggestion was referring to Tank Hull MG’s and its name should be changed for clarification.

Exept it’s not just for hull MG’s and the topic name perfectly describes what I mean, I mean make ALL MG’s funcional. On aircraft all guns are functional as far as I know and on ground vehicles a lot of hull but also turret MG’s are not.

A lot of hull-mounted MGs serve little purpose. Their practically useless which was why Gaijin disabled them back then. If you want to know how useless they were look no further than the T-26-4 it is the only known Light Tank in a game that still retains the ability to use the rear MG. Which is funny as a gimmick. But nothing more

Any time Gaijin made hull-mounted MG’s work for the US was because those MG’s were HMG’s .50 calibers rather than M1919 GPLMGs

It could lower the fps but why not +1.

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I don’t remember Gajijn disabling MG’s I just remember them never enabling them. While some MG’s that are now not in the game would be more useful then others, you are entitled to your opinion, I like to simply see all weapons work even if they hardly ever come in useful.

Which USA tanks have hull-mounted .50’s tough?


M6A1, T6E1 have the .50 cals. M2 Light Tank M1919 points in the opposite direction used to fire, and the Ha-Go’s 7.7 in the turret also used to fire. Years back cause mind you i been playing since 2017. May 30th.

I see. Weird if they disabled machine guns, let’s hope we can get them to revert back. What’s your opinion on it?

Pointless. Cause it served no purpose. Most of the hull MG’s were 7.62’s. Which practically wouldn’t be able to do much.

IS-7 has 8 machinguns, can fire them all


KV-2, has a hull machine gun with a gunner sitting behind it, can’t fire the machine gun as the gunner is there serving as a spare body


You don’t use the 7.62 to kill another armored vehicle, it still can kill the crews of opened-top vehicles, it’s mostly used as a marking mechanism to reveal enemy position bro

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How would you control the MG that is fixed away from the main gun like those that are mounted on the turret in Japanese tanks? Turn your freecam in that general direction?

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There is an option to control individual guns, so if you would press the correct key you would use that mg as the main gun.

What VenomThanos said, also extra guns to deal with aircraft and exposed crew. They objectively would not be totally pointless, but I understand why you aren’t specifically waiting for it to happen. One of the fixed MG’s in a low-tier US tank actually saved me from a pizza car with a 20mm gun once.

Was the lower gun a .50 cal. Cause if it wasn’t it really shouldn’t have, however, if it did neato.

It was a hull-mounted and fixed .30 cal. And it saved me because the pizza car has no armor.

They make temperature effect how you gun/plane performs, yet they refuse to model the additional machine guns.


I agree this should have been finished long ago.

look around till you can fire them its a really basic thing

Mmm, I see, but that’d require you to unman your main guns…and most of these side guns aren’t really strong enough to warrant a dedicated switching of focus like that…

Especially in low tier, there are situations where you suddenly find someone who was hiding and waiting behind you. And if it’s a soft target then an MG in the back of your turret can save you, this is more common than you think. Also, it doesn’t harm anything or anyone to add it. So far I haven’t heard a valid argument against it yet.