Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

Hi @Smin1080p
Israel get namer with RCWS-30 turret.

Can Britain get fv432 with RCWS-30 turret?))))))


very possible indeed. Would be easier to get it that way than to grind through all the Belgian jets and leaves room for the premium F-16…
Hope you’re right!

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Not sure, are any upcoming event vehicles datamined?

They said on the Churchill AVRE event or before it that this would be the last event for 1-2 months or something like that

Ah right, I cant find the exact post anymore, I remember being 1 month break, sometime

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It’s in here

Right so a break, and then Naval right?

Yes, Probably starting at the end of July

I would buy a Dutch premium F-16. Just not this month as money’s a bit tight XD


Are we still able to buy the task ?

They will probably add them with future JA37Di instead


My honest reaction upon realising that the DataLink limits applied to planes, combined with Multipathing being set to 50m means I’ll have to be doing BVR combat maneuvering in some of the most obliterated flight models with nerfed engines.

Oh well.

Всё идёт по плану.

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Look at the bright side, at least you won’t have to do those manouvres in a Tornado at 12.7.

Why cant Germany get Eurofighter DA1 or something like that. Would it be game breaking?

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Yes and no, The Fm would be a better (much better) gripen, but it would be stuck with 4 missiles at most. Gaijin just dont want to add it now as they NEED america and russia to have an equivalent before ever giving britian, italy, or germany anything nice.

Oh look, AV-8B+ for US. Cant wait to see US main complaing that it is shit


Already are if you havent seen. Although, its 12.3/12.0 at the moment which i think is the same br the shar is going to have in ground… a fighter (so happy they changed that so i can now bring it along with the entire british tech tree because its all strike aircraft) with a max payload of 5 bombs without missiles?

Germany will have a longer dry spell in air now.
So i hope we still at least get a few more toys for grb top tier.
Like the long awaited Puma S1 or Boxer rct120.
While i would love the 2a7a1 or leo 2a4 ATD, germany is in a great mbt position even if sweden has more competitive mbts