Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)


Now that large caliber HEAT was buffed, I will assume that AGM-65G isn’t as urgently needed anymore?

still IR seeker

This is one with R 73.

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You are missunderstanding something. TIALD is Gen 2 by game standards, it is just not changed yet.

Still only this:

It 's listed as being planned for implementation after the upcoming update. So the next WWM season might be in the " summer break " between the ongoing AVRE event and the naval-vehicle-prize event to follow that was mentioned in the " What We’re Up To " article. If not, it would likely run concurrently to that naval event or the event which follows it.


wait what? so we have the TILAD 400 just its got gen 1 thermals for some reason?

This just got acknowledged


No. TIALD 200, or SPRITE to be exact, is unofficial Gen1,5. In some situations it had even better output then TIALD 400, that was pure gen 2. Output of TIALD 200 is 625 lines, so that would be 720x576, so closer to Gen 2 in game. All tings with SPRITE are reported to have Gen 2, but nothing as of now.

You know whats fun.
Gaijin claiming for four years that they are working on Japanese CAS, proceeds that add none over the last 4 years


New feature: French boats as first country choice, locked to devs

Tech-tree changes:

Number of vehicles needed to unlock the next Tier in FRA coastal Tier IV: 1 -> 6

( )

Are these values useful for predicting techtree size before release ? Also, can’t wait to see what the " first choice " wallpapers for FRA coastal will look like, those always go hard:


Sssssh, they were too busy with BeNeLux, let them


You mean on only the Fokker G.1A?
Since thats the only BeNeLux thing in there.
They couldnt even be bothered to make unique models.

Just like Hungary, Finland and Taiwan.

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Moar will come. Prob lotsa stuff half finished and still WIP

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As event, battlepass and premiums, because unique models are only obtained through these methods these days.

As long as we get them



No I don’t think thats it. My working theory is that after ARHs were pushed back to this patch, the big thing that was planned for this patch was also pushed back to next patch. Meaning Gaijin had to scramble to put something together for this patch, and what better than a copy-paste subtree for a nation that really doesn’t need it?

(seriously, aside from dutch/belgi… belgiac? belgish? not-french nationalism is there any reason to touch any of the new planes? the whole new line is pointless)

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belgian, the word your looking for is belgian.