Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

MICA-EM > everything else.


Can’t wait to have MICA IR :p

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Can’t wait to have 8x amraams on my f-15 whenever I get bored flying my Fokker G1 😂

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If you think that submarines will counter battleships, you are delusional


Reset the clock. It happened again.


But it’s 7:34 GMT now, and it’s still not closed yet.

is the su27sm sapsan E pod gonna come?

if not, could its sight stabilisation be looked at?

currently its missiles seekers dont provide sight stabilization

There is a suggestion report open on it. However it has not been concluded.


thank you

are we supposed to open reports for the new aim-9Li for planes other then F4F ICE, or devs already have plans to expand its use?

Quoting Smin: “We are aware which aircraft have the capability to carry Aim9L(I)”
That being said many aircraft wont get them because they dont fit the br. Like the italian F-16, the tornados could arguably use them, but that propably gonna wait until they decide on the general Bomber progression they planned and decide how to handle the issue

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Dev Server has been extended until 10:00 (GMT) on the 13th June.


Does it really matter? You could add it anyway because “technically possible”.

Right now it’s just for the F-4F ICE.


Both are taken into consideration. It’s just a commonly brought up false example of “F-4F nEvEr UsEd AIM-9J!” That’s been done do death already.

Not only were they technically possible, they were very clearly used.


@Smin1080p On the Dev the “U-SH 204 GK” only has two ammo boxes, that is 400 rounds total

Do you know if this is the intended amount, or just a placeholder?

I would recommend reporting it regardless of you have information on the contrary to be safe.

@Smin1080p as the f4f ice gets AIM9Li, will the swedish gripen be replaced with the these? From my understanding the rb74(m) is code wise just a copy of aim9m, but “lore wise” a modernization of the previous aim9L to the aim9Li

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It’s not currently planned


You are aware they propably only gonna turn on smoke trail on the aim 9m code right?