Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Changelog

This update brought a buff to the Fochs commander sight, BUT I think it’s bugged, the sight view is like 1/9th the size of my screen, in one zoom it’s basically unusable, the other is like looking through a cardboard tube

BUG REPORT, WITH PICS: Community Bug Reporting System


I made the report like the day of the update, no response yet

@Mythical2715 currently the netz is only really useful kinda in grb (where the f-16D is better in that regard usually), and the derby missiles on the f-16D are really only useful for dogfighting where the super loft doesn’t mess up the energy. f-16D is worse than the f-16C although. wouldn’t necessarily say its the worse as it’s better than the A,MLU (until it gets aim-120s), netz, any other early f-16 w/out ARHs missiles

Because top tier AB is a disaster ruled by squadrons, unfortunately.

There will never be an AMRAAM+9M+paveway/Sniper-XR armed MLU, even if a copy of it gets introduced, and that is the kit these F-16s firstly arrived in Taiwan with.
With how gaijin treats China its not really possible to see much change at all in the future.

Do you reckon the Barak is worth it as I don’t have tons of time to grind a massive tree so it’d help to go through a smaller tree but is the barak worth it within 15km where I’d usually play the j11A cause if so it be alright to me. Or is it just worth going the bigger USA tree and hating those planes to grind with?

if you like bvr, no, but if you like ground pounding in sim then yes. the barak can only dogfight using missiles when competing with other nato planes. however in close in dogfights you have a good chance against flankers in a 2 turn due to the weird flight models of the russian-chinese jets. but the american planes currently are just better top tier wise

Yeah right cause I only play air but in top tier air I play close-medium range like 15km under so the missile can self lock so I don’t really know what to go for

Im a long time player, since 2013, and I have to voice the obvious. Russian radar is broken, and if it isnt and is truly working as intended, then something has to be done to balance FOX 3 warfare. Russian radar simply doesnt work past 15km with any reliability. I get locked onto and launched at within 5 seconds of being airborne, and thats not an exaggeration. Sometimes i cant even get my radar to lock onto people whos nametags show up within 20km (and yes i know the difference between modes and when to use what mode) but the su27sm while an incredible platform is forced to sniff dirt or wait for the entirety of the enemy team to finish using their arsenal before they can engage with confidence while dodging AIM120s after the multipath “nerf” ( i swear its been removed entirely, i have literally been flying through trees and still tracked by aim 120s while notching, going cold, etc…) PLEASE do something to make russian 13.0 gameplay feel less like being a prey item and more equal. Revert the multipathing, or give russian radar some sort of help dear God.

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AMRAAM atleast goes pitbull at 22 km’s

Only irl, not in game

In game on the radar screen the AMRAAM goes pitbull at around 20-22 km’s (circle around the target disappears)

Youre wrong

I tell you what i saw if you don’t believe me it’s your problem. I can break the lock at 22 km’s and I get a 90% hit rate

90% hit rate and seeker lock is different things

I understand but a 90% hit rate indicates that the missile already went pitbull on the designated target. The other 10% it can be multipathed into the ground, notched, outran, chaffed etc

Indicates that target didnt change course between 22(amraam lock to “fighter” target type) and 16 km(Amraam lock in game)

Even if the target is maneuvering out of the missils radar cone

Then will not lock, that’s simple

If the target is maneuvering out of the missiles radar cone while not receiving any info from the mother-ship radar and the missile still finds that target it is because it happened to fly in the general direction the target maneuvered or it is already pitbull on the target. When the missile is not receiving any info from the mother-ship’s radar and not finding any target within 20 km’s it goes on IOG until it finds something that something can be even an airliner. If the target is within 20 km’s the missile will be hot on launch or smth like that it is what’s it called. Locking it’s own radar on the target. And the circle around a target displayed on the planes radar is indicating the fact that the missile went pitbull or not.
Anyways if i am wrong and you are right the missile should have a 20 smth km seeker range. There is even a bug report on it.

Statcard&datamine states 16km

Irl yes, 22km

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