Major Update Concept/Pitch - "Call of Mahabharata" - The Indian Nation & Ground Tree

Slight correction, the two tubes on the side are possibly given for loitering munitions rather than the ATGMs. ATGMs to be launched through Cannon only as has been asked in the Requirements from Army.


But it should be no less than in this list

Yes, that is correct. Still this is a prototype and it has to go through the user evaluation trials before anything is finalized.

I have no problem with India but I do have a problem having anymore nations.They cant make the nations they have work properly.

This is incredibly disappointing. UK already has a subtree.

And Italy got 2 and France has 3 and Japan would be another one getting a region as a sub.

So it makes sense for Britain to get a 2 but the main question now who will be the 3rd lol.

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before or after germany got alll the mbts?

Germany can keep the leopards. Rest should go to UK

many uk players / canadian want them in one coherent tree


aint surprised lol. ex-empirialists

What do you mean ex-empirialists ?

If countries are getting 3 subs then Britain can legit can get a third which the ones that make the most sense are Canada and Australia.

Anyway better to claim one nation then all of the Leo operators :P

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i would say what you properly are but that would just get me banned

Saying every nation will get three sub-trees is nothing but copium. Luxembourg is a purely tokenistic addition, it can hardly even be considered a ‘sub-tree’. There’s just as many Canadian vehicles which are in the German tech tree as there are Luxembourgian vehicles which could possibly end up in the French tree; and yet, Canada isn’t a German sub-tree.

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Saved and see you in a couple of months : )

Cuz some brits wanna claim the entire world they ruled over lol.
Leopards are a different thing.
The vehicle as compared to the nation.
Brits want nations.
Germans want leos.
Kinda unequal.

not even true mate

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Name them or at least post links

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Search for “common wealth” and most of the time its a brit wanting a vehicle because “common wealth”