Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

Romania TT

If we look at vehicle numbers a tech tree for a dominion is looking likely but it’s anyone’s guess right now.

I’m curious, what would be some of the standout unique vehicles for the hypothetical Dominion tree?

Off the top of my head, I can think of the Canuck and Arrow, as well as the Boomerang and Kangaroo for aircraft; and the Ram series for ground vehicles.

LAV III would be one in my eyes


Do you really like J-10 so much?

Whilst not strictly speaking “unique” there are some quite interesting modified aircraft. Like the F-86 with Roll Royce Avon engine and 30mm ADEN Canons


For Canada, there are also the
LAV line of vehicles
Grizzly tanks. (Canadian-built Shermans)
Vshise armoured cars for WW2



You know what it is easier to link Thatz’s tree. Fair warning it is a “blanket” style tree and shows all possible C&P.

For aircraft on top of what you said there is:
Vickers Vancouver(debatable)
CP-107 Argus
CL-84 Dynavert
CT-144/CL-41 Tutor

On top of plenty of licenced-built planes (like too many to list), over 90% of Canada’s jet age is that. Like, go to any Canadian-built planes’ Wikipedia page go to the bottom and you find a section listing all the Canadian-built planes.


This wikipedia table looks handy, but I haven’t had a chance to look through it in full. Click on a given decade, then the type subcategory.

Edit: I’d never heard of the CF-103 or Venga TG-10 before, they seem neat.

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It’s missing a lot (like almost everything). It doesn’t even have the CF-18.

Or like 99% of the licenced-built craft. Like the Hurricanes built by Canadian Car and Foundry

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Yeah, I think it’s supposed to be Canadian-built (not simply used) but didn’t we build Starfighters too?

Sabres, Starfighters, and Freedom Fighters were all built by Canadair.

I’ve used this to find aircraft built by Canada as basic info before looking for more info.


Screenshot 2024-03-05 175136


part 4 already? calm down people Lol

what about the additional roof tiles on the Sep V2?

Thought so. That table looks waaaaaay better than what I happened across, thanks!

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You find it at the bottom of any aircraft Canada built on PC Wikipedia. It’s been a wonders for my Canadian air TT project.

At times it better the official maufators. (I’m looking at you, BAE)

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And they will face the same problem of Israel TT, they don’t have enough unique vehicles. They have some very interesting things, yes, but not enough to build a whole TT, fill it with C&P is not fun. It’s like “hey, we made a super overpowered TT with all good vehicles in old TT, come to play and buy some premium packs.”

This is more like a technical source problem.
My personally theory about vehicle’s belonging policy of gaijin is that actual service > tech source(A-5C SU-7BMK) > geopolitical( AC I Sentinel), and make a sub tree means the geopolitical vehicle is promoted as same as serviced vehicle in mother tree.

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Poland literally has a series of indigenous pre-war tanks and aircraft.


indeed and those low-tier domestic tanks would be why I play Poland.

(and the Sci-fi tank they are working on whose existence is debate)

Israel has more than enough. Gaijin just doesn’t want to add what is needed.


I mean, not so complete as big TTs, and these TT will be worse.
beside, Israel MBT is and will be a pity from my view. Gaijin better to get some more Israel style stuff.

May I present the best solution;
The YA-7F! (Fricken chads stuck a afterburning engine up the arse of a A-7 lmao)

But in all seriousness, yea A-7 needs an upgrade, hopefully will get one with new dynamic BRs coming soon possibly allowing for Aim-9Ls without having to worry about raising its ground be based on in air RB capabilities. Mavs would be a great start