Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

Both look like nice guys.

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Is it just me or do the planes all sound different on the dev server?

Theres new engine sounds yeah

Seems like unique jet sounds like Helis

Sick, cause before the only jet sound that really sounded different was the a10 and the mirages

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No idea if this is off-topic or not, but man AAM-3s look fantastic. Like those are some mean-lookin missiles
Edit: I am surprisingly not seething at Japan technically getting a better F-15 either lol. I’d say they deserve to go ham for once


What model of F2 did you mention? F2A already p2d Mitsubishi F-2A Viper Zero (Early) - JASDFs Modern Zero enters Service

@Smin1080p Is there any statement around what planned missiles the JAS-39C for the UK will be getting? If I understand right, the only missiles it can use are AIM9L and A-Darter. No radar missiles nor anything else unless we run with a hypothetical loadout.

AIM-9Ls wont be useful at top tier given the lack of speed, G load and IRCCM, so does this suggest A-Darter is the intended loadout?

A-Darter wont happen. It just gonna get 9M or Python 3


It was never cleared for AIM-9M and I don’t think it ever mounted Python 3s either.

So far as I know, 9Ls, IRIS-T or A-Darter are our only choices

Doesnt matter JAS39A never had 9Ms.


If I had to speculate I would say it’s probably going to be 9Ms just for convenience’s sake. South Africa did have the Python 3 (V3S) but retired it with the Cheetah. Who knows, though, they could give it V3Cs (Magic 2 equivalent but with HMCS) for all we know. I speculate no radar missiles but we’ll have to wait until the South African Gripen gets added to the dev server


Was this not one of the main supported weapons on Gripen A by the swedish?

No, only 9L the only Gripen that I know of to carry the 9M is the Hungarian C

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F-15J never used AIM-9Ms yet here we are so its definitely possible

Gotta remember like I was saying earlier A-Darter is an over the shoulder fireable LOAL 100G missle

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Yeah A-Darter and IRIS-T are way too good for the game right now in my opinion. Then again I said that about the R-73 being on a MiG-29 before the patch the SMT was added. So, it’s really up in the air… I would be surprised to see them though, they’re leagues above anything we have now.

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And yet they denied the EAP because it wasn’t armed the reasons for denying the EAP are laughably sad.

I suppose we’re going by the metric of “In the event of a conflict, the jet could mount these weapons successfully if an allied nation supplied the armaments”
Which i’m cool with, I feel like thats actually not unrealistic given NATO tries its best to make its ammo compatible for each other and Gripen has the data connections to mount Sidewinders

9Ms would be the most likely I think, as otherwise this jet would be 11.7 or something.

Oh god I dont think I want to see an 11,7 Gripen


Oh jesus…

EAP is a aerodynamic test bed. It has no wiring for firing the missiles. It never mounted armament. It carried drag test dummies to simulate a weapon load.
There’s no trigger mechanism, no radar, no fire control system, no physical wiring in order to fire a missile.

The EAP lacks these because it was never intended to be a combat jet. Its goal from the very beginning was SOLELY aerodynamics. No gun. No missiles. No bombs. Nothing. It had the bare minimum for flight tests to see how the eurofighters potential design would fly. Thats it.

Gaijin didnt deny EAP because they’re bias and have double standards. They denied it because the EAP isnt even a combat jet. Its practically a civilian aircraft.
You want a low performance, non gamebreaking eurofighter? You should be asking for Eurofighter DA.2. Its everything you’re wanting EAP to do, but actually did it.

EAP isnt coming to the game now or ever. It isnt a combat jet. You’d have better luck asking for a Boeinf 737 with sidewinders.