"Main caliber turret destroyed" message

Normal match. Drove up to a point, flanked a bit. Shot a VIDAR at center of mass and I got a message in red similar to the “target destroyed” format, saying “main caliber turret destroyed”. So I waited to reload and he shot and killed me.

How exactly was his main caliber turret destroyed if he was able to shoot me a second later? Anyone else stumbled upon this issue?

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Got a picture of that? I’m interested in seeing what was up with that.

I didn’t take a screenshot and it obviously won’t show in a server replay.

I realized though that I played a naval battle just before that and this message was probably buffered for me but didn’t display for some reason.

Ahh, that’s fair.

I’d not assume that, but keep an eye out for the message again and see what comes through.

I have seen compartment destroyed messages when test driving tanks, might be a new bug.

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