Magnetic mines seem to sink through the ground

As stated in topic, my aircraft laid magnetic mines seem to phase through the ground, making it impossible to kill targets. I first noticed some sort of issue when I took them out in an AD-4 and kept missing my targets in GRB - no biggie, maybe it’s an issue with pocket loss or maybe these bombs release after a short period instead of right away? So I took to the test drive and used the mechanic where you can follow your bombs as they fall - the mines would phase through the ground and bob as if they landed in water but still exploded after the timer ran out. The problem, then, is that even if I toss a bomb straight on top of, say, a Howitzer (AI), the bomb travels a bit further forward and under the ground, failing to kill even a Howitzer despite the proximity which should still allow it to do so - my pilot even says stuff like “We got him!” or “Direct hit!” but I don’t even get a Hit message popup and, indeed, no damage is done.

I still don’t know if this issue is map-specific or universal, I’ll try to play with them some more. Still, I’d love it if they didn’t sink through the ground at all. They don’t seem to sink through vehicles (at least not Test Drive map ships) so I guess there’s also that.

Its a nerf, “not a bug”, because ppl were using it to farm the HE tonnage dropped awards and bases killed.

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Wait, really? Well that seems… I dunno. What’s the point of taking them then? They’re kinda bad in Naval and now you can’t even use them in Air or Ground RB? Oh well. Goodbye, my beloved.

Okay they seemed to have changed it again. When ppl started reporting this, I went in a custom battle and dropped some mines on bases and targets and it did nothing to anything. Just tried one and it does now damage bases, but not much.
They keep messing with bomb damage. IDK why. They seemed to have tweeked base damage so that more little bombs do more damage than one big one. Maybe to prevent carpet bombing in ground games.

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KInda funny that they bob on the ground. I hadn’t noticed that.

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