Maginot Line too frequent in map pool

Repeating the same map over and over again is detrimental to your player’s enjoyment.

This happens to a ton of maps unfortunately, I’d assume it’s because people are liking, banning or disliking maps.


buy a premium account then ban it

Nope is basically for 2 factors:
1- Maginot have 14 varitans meanwhile the most of the maps only have 5.
2 - Map rotation is completely destroyed.

Another maps with the same issue are Ardennes and Severesk-13.

This doesn’t help. It literally says on my premium account “Banning maps does not guarantee you won’t play them” and sure enough my one banned map still comes up in rotation. I just leave and take the crew lock.

It is for me the Abandoned City

3 times in a row, when encountered

3 times the same map is very common cuz the destroyed map rotation even i saw 5 times the same map in a row.
The problem is certain maps hvae the triple of variants the the others map and can reach spam level plus the previous mentioned completely destroyed map rotation result in you are stuck in the same 5 or 6 maps for hours.
Just a example how bad is the map rotation and the worst is Gaijin know it but tehy dont move a finger for solve it.

Mate, if you’d ask majority of players whether they know about map like/dislike feature, I would bet my both balls that 90% of player base doesn’t even know that this feature exists.

They should actually give us 2 ban slots, because one is not enough since Seversk should be perma-banned by everyone.
One of the worst maps in the history of game map development, ever.

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wait wtf

While Seversk is far from a favorite, it’s not bad enough to be a ban candidate. 38th parallel on the other hand - that thing is so horrible, I have no words.


Then what’s the point in this damned feature

That’s why I said we need more ban slots. A lot of maps are simply atrocious, and an example of how to not design maps should be made out of them.


You need to ask gaijin. It was reported 2 years ago… still not fixed: // Issues

Again: // Issues

They still haven’t fixed it. But we should get to ban up to 5 maps.

Very odd. I banned that Japan map ages ago and I have not seen it since. I want to be able to ban those large ec maps in air rb.

This map remains far too frequent for its inadequacies.