Magach 6B Gal should be at 8.7

it is quite literally just a Magach 6B with Gen 1 thermals and M426, it has no right to be almost an entire BR higher, id say 9.0 max

this tank does NOT perform well even in downtiers, it will get absolutely clapped by anything, and the gun doesent always oneshot

has horrible mobility for the br too

even worse, this tank faces 10.3 enemies very often.

im also gonna mention that the ERA does not do a good job at stopping ANYTHING! a HEAT or HE round will go right through like if it never even existed

so please, lower it to 9.0


I’ve played it, and yeah 9.3 is a bit much…
Having zero armor isn’t very fun sometimes haha

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The tank is playable only thanks to its nice FCS and the M426 round, but it is not really enjoyable and it is overtiered.

What makes its BR so high is the M426 round. In my opinion it should be removed and the M111 should be its top round with a subsequent reduction in BR to 9.0.

At 9.0 the 6B Gal would fit nicely with the Magach 6M and the Sho’t Kal Dalet as a premium and it would populate the 9.0 lineup which right now is pretty deserted.

Personally, I think Gaijin should give more Israeli tanks M413, as it is now, there’s a jump from M111 to M426, and M413 provides a bit of a medium ground between the two. Perhaps for later 105mm tanks, they could consider adding M428 to make them true glass cannons.

It’s fine at 9.3. M426 is DM63, pens as much as 3BM42.

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There are 4 Magach (7C, 6B Gal Batash, 6B Gal and 6C) at 9.3 with the following characteristics:

  1. LWS/LRF (All)
  2. M426 (All)
  3. ERA+NERA (7C & 6C Gal Batash)
  4. Mobility Upgrades (7C & 6C Gal Batash)

There no reason for 6C and 6B Gal to be at the same BR than 7C and Gal Batash.

Thermals, LWS and a round only slightly worse than 3BM42 and you think it should be 8.7? Okay buddy.

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I agree on M413, it could help moving some of the Magachs around, since right now it’s either a block of 8.7 or 9.3 vehicles.

Not a fan of the M428 idea, at least on current Magachs. Not enough armour and they can’t compete with 9.7/10.3 MBTs.
For Merks it might be possibile, but it should be carefully considered.

most of the 9.3 and 9.0 Magachs are probably a little too high in BR.

From 9.0 to 10.3 I couldn’t find many vehicles that have armor significant enough to survive anything in an uptier, T-64A/B and T-72A turret? and then Chieftain MK10 turret is pretty strong, haven’t played Merkavas so don’t know.

They really aren’t.
The 9.3 Magachs are superior to all 9.0 MBTs in the game.

I wasn’t talking about facing an uptier, I was referring to the idea of moving late Magachs up by giving them M428, as suggested by another user.

They already can’t compete with 10.3, going against 10.7/11.3 would be ridicolous.

The 7C could definitely use this. (Perhaps making for a good difference between the 7A that also needs to be added. )
Perhaps the Magach 7s should also have their armour buffed… its extremely weak and can’t even stop M111…

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Yes, the 7C especially has the same type of composite found on Merkava 2, which is relatively modern.

The composite add-on is underperforming and the thickness is wrong (40mm in game when it should actually be around 100mm).
Hopefully I’ll get around and make a bug report on this.


Would be lovely if you do end up doing it.

(And when you say Merkava mk.2, you mean the 2D right? By any chance is its armor also underperforming?)

From what I understand it is the same generation as the composite found on Merks 1 and 2, including the D (not sure if it is still the same on the Mark 3, though).

I do not know the specifics of Merkavas since I mostly focus my research on Magachs and the armour is classified, but it is pretty clear that from the Merkava Siman 2D and above the armour is not working properly.

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same gun as 8.0 vehicles, only with practically useless ERA and M426, which as mentioned many times could be removed and instead replaced with M413 to bring the BR down to 9.0

i said 9.0, title is a typo, sorry!!

anyway imo it would make sense for it to go to 9.0 as it is lacking in mobility, and armor, only good thing about it is the gun

No. It’s superior at 9.3.
The gun is not seen at 8.0, it’s seen exclusively on 9.3 vehicles.

It’s one of the best 9.3s in the game.

But you got 105mm DM63,the most powerful APFSDS rounds in this BR,if Magach go to 8.7,Gaijin may delete this round and give a worse one for you