Mad Thunder

I don’t know if this shows up but what ever. I destroyed at least 6 people trying to spawn camp HOLY MOLY.
Anyone else have this problem?

I don’t have this problem because I don’t play this garbage mode.

close some tabs on your browser


lmao i looked and i heard my laptop fan already lol

My guy you got way to many tabs open :D


its hilarious because my computer can easily run like 20 its just easier than saving every single video I wanna watch.

How many are about WT? XD

so can my but i just add them to some watch list or ad them to my favorites and go on
but i dont keep all those tabs open… :D


almost none. They are generally history tabs, miniature painting or warhammer.

Eh if it affected my pc performance I might have an issue with it but its fine honestly.

Ahhh okay. My next question was how many 18+ tabs were closed before screen shotting? ;)