Mad Thunder Third life problem

Hello, I am currently experiencing a problem where, on my thrid life for the event gamemode Mad Thunder. Whenever I spawn in for my thrid life, I cannot turn my turret / aim my weaponry, nor can I see the cursor or evacuate with full storage. It is also strange that when I press M, which is supposed to open my vehicle selection screen, it shows my mouse instead. Does anyone has an idea of how this happened or how to fix this?


I have this problem too you can move your camera if you hold right click but that’s all i know.


Yeah only with right click. Pressing C turns your vision downwards

With left click you can shoot straight, or right click you can look, but nothing else. Even if you make it to a exit point, you cant leave the map either!

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Firing is fine, just you cannot rotate ur turret, it seems to me that there is an error in the client that the game thinks you are spectating, but also that you are controlling the vehicle.

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same problem here

Same here, it’s frustrating to see it happening every time

Well, April FOOLS. Or lazy programming April. BTW can somebody explain to me why 2/3 of the trucks seem to be poor attempts of an SPAA? were they thinking of adding CAS? xD That would be something.
This event would turn from meh / garbage into cancer if they did that.

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I know its a band aid fix but spectating before the third spawn seems to fix this
edit it rarely fixes this

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Has anyone tried deleting their cache by chance?

I’m having this problem too. Only it’s not actually the third vehicle but the LAST vehicle you have. The camera wont folow the vehicle, you can’t slew your gun and when you exfil it doesnt work. You just sit there doing nothing, you can even drive back out of the exfil.

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I just found a solution on how to evac with this bug, you just need to press return to garage while inside the evac zone, i tried and it works.

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Same problem on ps the only vehicle that is not affected by this issue is the porcupine. So I keep the porcupine for the 3rd respawn