Mad Thunder discussion/Feedback?

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i think Gaijin has kind of ruined april fools event in war thunder by making such crafting and grinding work. but now… you collect parts and you lose them all if you died or lost the vehicle in the battle.
To be honest gajin, I feel april fools back then is taking a break from the game and just have fun away from the grind and crafting.
You remember how fun was the Leao 2a5 and t90 April fools (Rank IX)
MW2077 (to test drones and modern tanks)
you remember april fools was actually to test stuff before bringing it to the main game?

Mad thunder isn’t the best, Let’s take a look at Enlisted. the Zombies in Enlisted event is superfun! easy and no grinding or crafting, just a break .

What do you think about Mad thunder?

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  1. Get 4 kills without dying
  2. Load up the loot
  3. Get exit camped and lose everything
  4. Go back to normal WT

It’s one of the worst april fools event


I wanted to unlock the loading screen, but I estimate at least 40 hours of pain, so I give up.

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Worst april fools event I played.


Worst April fool’s event ever, the feedback/award mechanic is all or nothing which is frustrating, and basically encourages camping at the excavation point, last night I spent like half an hour and didn’t get a single resource thanks to campers.