Mad Thunder camping is the scummiest thing

people are just going straight to the extraction points and ignoring materials, just to kill players with full materials trying to get to extraction, can you make it so that people are either marked when they are in others extraction points or give them a 25 second timer of doom?


I figure there will be those that are going to be camping points just for the sake of making it harder on players not interested in pvp. I have not seen too much of this, only a few camp for some kills then they leave. No sense of sticking around since you can only have five points at most. Im sure they would not want to risk losing the five or staying highlighted too long.

What mode are you playing? I see more pvp in free for all. Mostly players farming rage points.

It’s easier to run materials in team play in my opinion. Lots more friendlies to help out. Surprisingly I have had lots of good teams helping each other.

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Love this event. I have only been camped once, anyway and that was in free for all. Team battles give me enough space where i can do my looting in peace and then do killing when i feel like it.

At 1 minutes and 30 seconds all exits open.

The two closest exits are very easy to defend from inside, if you don’t rush to the location and engage the players there before they embed, it’s better to wait for the timer to open all exits.

It’s more efficient to engage in PVP early rather than waiting 10 minutes with nothing to do.

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Last night I spent like half an hour and didn’t get a single resource thanks to campers.

Just because you are dying, doesn’t mean that’s their intention.

I got abused in game last night on one of my first matches having this as the accusation, where I wqas merely exploring, I found my way to somewhere that looked cool, and bam, 2 guys sprung on me…

I merely defended myself, took out one of them, the other guy got me, but he was absolutely abusing me for no actual reason.

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bro is all you do is suck gaijins shit bro. like camping is a big problem with this event. and if you have a problem ill gladly 1v1 you.

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This sort of thing is why I genuinely do not care for everyone else.

imagine having your response deleted XD


There’s no cope, you just need some tissues.

do you have any?

The extract thing is gimmicky. It would’ve made more sense if it were squad-based and not 1 team vs the other. In the team v team setup, I believe control points that automatically generate materials when you control them would be more conducive to a ‘team game mode’.

camped once? 3 times in 5 play. 2 guys on the extraction point with cliff, 1 hiding far behind. taking advantage when a squad try to concentrate fire. They’re not going anywhere and fortify themself in the wreck of the fallen. and not seeking more resource
Since this event had no losing reward. I get no material in those 3 playthrough. which hinders me to lvling up.
This event is bullies party

i am playing team battles

That got changed to you dying gets 20% or something IIRC from the patchnotes that popped up in game.

Squad more, by doing so you heighten the team sense.

Bummer. I had an easy method if you care to try. This is in the team mode no free for all.

If you get the south spawn, select the highest spawn point. The extraction will be on the central east part of the map. Gather resources as you head south. You should be able to get resources from two primary and one smaller site. Get to the bottom of the map. Ride the edge of the map all the way east. You use the dunes for cover, remaining hidden. Once you get near the eastern hills, climb up. You actually get counted in the extraction zone while on top of the hill. Campers in the canyon have no proper shot at you much less see you.

If you get the Northern spawn, select the furthest north spawn so the extraction zone is in the south central portion. Head south collecting resources, then once you reach the south border head west along the same dunes mentioned before. If prompts return to battle twice but never close enough to be in danger. You can drive straight to the extract.

I do this with a boar. Regular stock.

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I just avoid the valley extraction zones and go for the more open ones. The valley ones are basically an easy corridor choke point for campers to hold, so most of the time I just wait until all the other zones open and go there.