Mad Max event= Cheaters event

Play the map and somehow you get spawn campers or aimbot noobs hitting fatal hits on distances around 250m from hills. Cheaters get better reward then fair players.


250M is an easy shot, i highly doubt that anyone with cheats would engage at such short ranges.

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Bro 250m is an easy shot, if they do it its just normal skill and if you cant it is one of these “skill issues” I heard about


250m is super easy shot. They are fatal shots because you have no armor…

Oh my god! Not 250m!!!1!1!1!

I doubt if you guys play the event multiple time because 250m depend on which verhicle you are killing. Some verhicle survive few shots before going down.

Aim for ammo with the 40mm. Insta kill ifcyou hit well.

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