Mach Clouds

I think Mach Clouds are absolutely bad, it’s way too large. i have had many times i crash into the ground because i ‘‘pull up’’ just when the mach cloud happens, just for my plane too actually be upside down and then crash. So having the ability to turn them off or reduce them would help so much considering it’s way too large to even remotely be realistic.

Use cockpit or virtual cockpit view to avoid the cloud

I get that, but it doesn’t feel right that i NEED to go into cockpit just too avoid the mach cloud when i want to play in third person. If i really wanted to play in first person, i would just play simulator battles.

If the cloud is causing enough of a problem to complaint on the forums, then it is enough of a problem to switch to cockpit view

It’s quite the hastle to always go to first person every time you go mach in a fight, i’m not always gonna remember it. and as i mentioned, it’s not even the slighest realistic. It is way too overdone.