M829A3 and its effectiveness against armour and ERA

If Gaijin really believes M829A3 won’t help Abrams tanks in terms of staying competitive against armour, why not add it right here and right now? It won’t be game breaking, right?

They should just go on and add it. I am curious to see what comes to their mind when they see M829A3. Surely they can add it as soon as possible if it won’t be a completely meta defining feature that saves the Abrams tanks.


It’s just your typical gaslighting. Though even if they do add it it’ll be modelled wrong so Russia can remain indisputably #1. Can’t have their precious Ivan tech being outdone.


At this stage I would expect they’d implement it without the anti-ERA tip lmao.

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Exactly this. Gaijin will not add a true top tier NATO vehicle because it would completely negate anyone wanting to play the russian tree. The current russian MBTs are mostly outclassed by current gen NATO MBTs.