M8 LAC should rightly be increased to BR at least BR 2.0

Extremely fast wheeled vehicle, with a .50 calibre machine gun and the same cannon as the Stuar, however it sits comfortably in the low rank… Why?

Some time ago the community rightly warned Gaijin that this vehicle should stand at BR 2.0-2.3… Why hasn’t Gaijin increased its BR yet?

I know this vehicle has been added in China and America but nothing justifies its BR, it should rightly be increased to at least BR 2.0.


You mean the same 37mm gun the rank 1 Stuart has? That the LVT also has? That the Locust also has?

.50 cals are nice but it’s just one with low ammo.
It’s speed is moderate, bout the same as a Puma.
Like the Puma it’s lightly armored, but it has no goofy angles and is open-topped. It is far more vulnerable.

If you’re dying to it in frontal engagements that’s a you problem. If you’re dying to it because it flanked than it’s also a you/team problem for not noticing. It happens. Is what it is.

It really doesn’t need to be uptiered. There’s no legitimate reason to.


Honestly could go to 2.3, get scouting and get the fast reload back. Reserve vehicle could be replaced by the accurate T-26 mod1935.


T-50 has the same gun at 2.7 as the T-26 as 1.0, minus APCR.

It’s plenty to take out light vehicles and aircraft for being a secondary armament.

The M8 is actually fairly well armored, beating out quite a few vehicles. It also has 4 crews compared to vehicles like the BTs.

Frontally it’s not only .50cal proof but at 300m neither 20mm AP or APCR can penetrate it.
That’s insane good protection for 1.0.

It’s more mobile than a lot of Rank 1 vehicle, so it’s certainly not the fault of clearly worse vehicles to get killed by it.

It’s clear that the M8 LAC has no right to be 1.0 when someting like the AS 42/47 is 2.0.


T-50 has ridiculous armor for it’s BR. Much of the contemporaries can’t reliably penetrate it. It also has a better gun. If anything it should be 3.0

Provided you don’t miss. It’s reliability is dependent on user ability.

That’s dishonest. I’ve died to .50 cals and 20mm cannons frontally at that distance in an M8. You’re either lying outright or the idiots shooting you were just bad.

So are other lights tanks at the same BR. There’s give and take - Like the Panzer 2’s that get to enjoy shredding everything with their auto cannons at low and reserve tier.
You mean the AS that is fully enclosed?
The AS that has more open space in the hull?
The AS that has a better gun?
You’re not even trying to put forth a cohesive argument.

You guys honestly just sound salty that you occasionally die to one when you’re seal-clubbing and want it uptiered for no legitimate reason other than you’re just salty. Get over yourselves.

It has an awful engine, takes actual ages to accelerate off road. That firepower though is real, the american 37mm is unfairly good at 1.0 even with just basic AP shells and 50cal on top of that makes it a real killer and quite possibly the best vehicle at it’s rank

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Hell nah, T-50 just has its speed and armour nerfed, if you know where to shoot (AKA turret face) it is just ~40mm thick, which I am sure most can pen. The trash turret traverse is already bad enough. It stays at 2.7.


Compared to vehicles such as the Daimler, Sarc IV, AMD35, and BA-11, the M8 is definitely a bit better but not by a whole lot. I can see 1.7 but not 2.0.


Yes, you have just proved in your speech that I am right since the Puma stands at BR 3.3, while I want M8 LAC to go to BR 2.0.

Dude you are a typical example of a player who defends OP vehicles to avoid lowering your easy kill count in the battlefield

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No, I haven’t proved your point at all. Puma has better armor due to angles, is fully enclosed and has a better gun. It can also scout targets, thus it has more usefulness, lethality and survivability compared to the M8.

Also, unlike you I rarely ever go that low in BR to play the game, let alone seal club. Most of the time I play the M8 I literally bring it into GFRB with a helicopter as a throwaway.

So feel free to take a seat.

You also forgot to mention that M8 LAC is:

  1. The fastest vehicle in Grade 1
  2. The .50 calibre can wipe out several light vehicles at rank 1
  3. And its not bad cannon, only a bad player would complain that its a weak cannon.
  4. Its armour is not a problem as it is fast and there are several Italian vehicles with less armour than the M8 LAC that are less fast, but don’t stand at BR1.0

Sorry, but comparing M8 LAC with the Puma only proved me right.

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Your confirmation bullshit take is boring and unimaginative. Feel free to re-read my prior post, then have a seat in the corner and think quietly about how foolish your take is.

Dude, you’re being ridiculous… Avoid trolling people when they prove you wrong…

Your argument is mainly based only on the armour of the M8 LAC because you know very well that this vehicle is the fastest at low levels, not to mention that it also has good firepower.

And as I have already replied its armour is not a problem since it is fast, not to mention that there are several Italian vehicles with less armour than the M8 LAC and that are less fast, and less powerful in firepower than the M8 LAC, but the Italian vehicles are not at BR1.0 they are at higher BRs why not the M8 LAC? Anyone who disagrees with this just shows that they want to defend a vehicle that is currently OP in its BR.

Anyone who knows how to use their brain knows that M8 LAC should not be at BR1.0, and the only ones defending this vehicle are only doing so because they want to keep it OP so they can have easy kills on the battlefield.

There’s your biscuit now go troll someone else

Same for Italian wheeled vehicles, but none of the Italian vehicles are on BR 1.0… What is more, the M8 LAC is faster than the Italian vehicles at Rank 1 and thanks to its .50 calibre can destroy several Rank 1 vehicles using only the machine gun.

Also, if they moved it to BR 2.0 they would give it the ability to do reconnaissance, as the vehicle was built for this historically.

Skill issue. M8 is extremely easy to deal with,has poor armor and meh engine. If anything it could go to 1.3 to justify it being slightly better than amd and sarc but then it would only get dunked on by 2.3 tanks which is not worth it imo.

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As is also AS 42 27/32 but is found at BR 2.0. While M8 LAC which is faster, more armed thanks to the .50 calibre which can destroy all Rank 1 vehicles, and has more armour but is at BR 1.0… There is obviously a problem…

So stop making false excuses to prevent your favourite vehicle (M8 LAC) from being rightly raised in BR.

For now the facts confirm what I have shown M8 LAC should be increased by BR people need to learn to play instead of complaining to keep their favourite vehicles OP

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The problem is not in Italy but M8 LAC and you know it…

Anyway, thanks for proving me right again… Your immature child rant only proved as I said before that people icapable to play will say any excuse to keep their favourite vehicle OP so they can get the easy kills in the game… You must be really bad at playing the game… Learn how to play instead of doing anything to keep your vehicles OP.

Now go back to crying in your corner, or prove me right again by making more stupid scenarios without writing anything relevant that is inherent to the post. like you did in your last post.

So far you haven’t said anything relevant to the M8 LAC issue, you’ve gone off on your own head without giving physical evidence as to why M8 LAC needs to be at BR 1.0… By now everyone with a brain knows that M8 LAC should not be at BR1.0. and no point in denying this fact.

It could be BR 1.3 though not that it’d make much difference. What about 1.7?

1.7 or 2.0 should be fine.

I mean the BT-7M is also 2.0 with hardly any improvement over the BT-5 at 1.0.
There’s also the abomination (even though fun to play) that is the BT-42, at 1.7.

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Dude, you are just being ridiculous with your immature childish outbursts with a mental age of 3 years… I’ll give you some advice, maybe you should stop and think before you write any more drivel.

Your latest outburst just proved that you are a sealclubbers who don’t want their precious clubmobile taken away.

Once again you have not demonstrated any real facts as to why this vehicle should be at BR 1.0.

Come back when you are clear-headed and reason like a mature adult.

Until then do everyone a favour and avoid spamming this post with your angry outbursts.