M735 nerf (or is it a correction?)

Now that the M735 got nerfed to hell, what can we expect to happen to vehicles like the XM-1 or the japan Type 16 wich first got moved up 2 times and now also got that nerfed-to-hell APFSDS?
the Type 16 now must get the Type 93 APFSDS to compete again or else u can’t even fight a Leo 2A4 anymore…
Nothing against changes but pls don’t nuke things like it is now.

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They adjusted its pen to be what they calculate it to be based off of its physical attributes. Maybe the vehicles that use it will drop in efficiency and get moved down or buffed somehow later on but no changes for now


You could say type 16 has the Japanese version of 105mm dm33

Isnt M735 a composite penetrator though? It should have inflated flat penetration.

With or without the nerf, both vehicles should not be 9.3 using 8.7 ammo.

The XM-1 needs and should have M774 and the Type 16 should get whatever it’s next best round could be, whether it be US made or home brew.

Especially with the XM-1 being so mediocre now and missing such important features alongside its garbage ammunition.

M735 shouldn’t exist on any tank above 8.7. This is a nerf in the same magnitude the MBT-70 type vehicles got.

It already has a better round that pens 400mm+ of armor

XM-1 was more than fine at 9.3, what are you on about lol ?
It has ridiculously good mobility and gun handling, which more than compensated for it’s other disadvantages.

Yes try to use it when maps force you to brawl… xD
0 survability and garbage 7.1 relord with expert crew for 105mm gun with cringe bad shell that most of the time create minimum spall

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I’ve been using a tank with similarly bad round pretty successfully on brawl maps as well. (XM-803)

I’d would argue that 152mm creates more spall, and with autoloader you dont suffer when you get shot into the turret

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Same thing, I’ve been using low-caliber guns that have crappy spall as well with decent success.
Yeah, autoloader helps but I still think XM-1 has quite a few advantages over XM-803 and should stay where it is.

I enjoy MBT-70 much more than XM-1
20mm, smoke lunchers, autoloader
Also I dont think XM has any advanatages over it other than it premium

I would say that nerf was gjn saying “XM-1 is old and now its also a crap buy M1 KVT its out now!”

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Welcome to War Thunder, bud. Think about those who just bought the Type 16 to grind Japan. It is a light veh, easily penned by 12.7mm, and now it can’t even pen another light vehicle…I feel like I spent my money on a broken car, and I finished my grind(the majority of it) on Japan with the Typ16, but still tho. As we’ve seen, somebody said it was a bug. But we do not know if War Thunder will rectify this mistake.
In conclusion: Welcome to War Thunder ! :D Enjoy!

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I was talking about XM-803.

XM-1 and MBT-70 are fairly similar and are trading blows, so they should be fine sharing the same BR.