No reverse speed, T1E1 eclipses it.

5.0 → 4.7


These are really getting to low effort posts here…

(I stand by this statement and whoever flagged it merely can’t handle the argument based.

After contending with the OP on many of thier threads, trying to even get the slightest discussion from them is merely impossible.

The issue is that EVERY thread is the same, they’re vague, obtuse, and ANY actual engagement attempted with the OP is merely fobbed off and ‘It’s not about that’ on EVERY thread.)


It should be 5.3 if anything, having two guns, decent armour at times, good maneuverability, how about we keep M6 where it is, and put T1E1 at 5.3.

Also by this logic Spitfire Mk iia should be 2.7 because the Spitfire Mk ia at 3.0 is better than it


Against what gun?

The T1E1, yes

The M6A1 has slow reverse and is slower than a normal Sherman

Moving the T1E1 to 5.3 would be fine the M6A1 is simply not a 5.0 tank

Balancing planes is not comparable to balancing tanks. Two entirely different game modes with different mechanics etc.


at times, if you angle properly you can bounce stuff.

Yes, it’s a heavy tank, and is roughly twice the weight of a Sherman.

It is on par with other 5.0s

Ok then. Grant 1 should be 2.3 because it has 1 less crew member than the M3 Lee

This tank has a massive flat front.Everyone knows shooting there is almost a guaranteed kill.Also it’s armor is much thinner than tiger or panther.In most cases angleing does not help.

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Heavy tank with the armor of a medium tank.

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M6A1 should get back to 4.7


Personally I find the M6A1 slightly too good for 4.7 and too bad for 5.0, but I would rather face it in a Churchill iii than… a Sherman ii

That sherman can kill you but you cant kill the Churchill in it

What? You can’t kill a Churchill iii in an M6A1? You have a minor problem if you find that hard

Cant really remember which Churchill variant it was but once a Churchill survived multiple rounds from my m6a1.Even shooting from the side did not penetrate it.I had to disable him completely then shoot him in the back of his turret.

That would be a Churchill VII, at 4.7, you can’t frontally pen it from ANY range

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Angle the M6? And expose the weak flanks?


Use corners to your advantage, peak around corners instead of using it like a tiger

You said angle it to bounce but the corners of the hull are major weak spots and made even weaker if you angle.


use corners to hide sides

Almost every vehicle can use corners.

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It’s funny to see how a medium tank like Panther can have better frontal armor profile than various heavies at, or even above 5.7/6.0.


Different designs lead to that.