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M60TM Main Battle Tank is further modernization of M60T which itself is extensive modernization of M60A1. After Fırat Kalkanı Harekâtı (Operation Euphrates Shield), M60T’s shortcomings becomes apparent, in 2017 The Fırat Modernisation Project was initiated with the experiences gained from Fırat Kalkanı Harekâtı (Operation Euphrates Shield) to fix those shortcomings and enhance the overall survivability and lethality of M60T. During operations approximately 30 M60T were damaged by ATGM attacks, in order to prevent further loses program quickly started with already existing components used in earlier programs such as Leopard 2A4NG and ongoing Altay Project. Fırat Modernisation Project completed in 2020 and all 169 M60T were upgraded to TM level.

During Evaluation in 2021, Defence Industry Agency president announced that there was plans integrate ASELSAN’s VOLKAN-M fire control system to M60TM tanks within 2022. In May 2022, ASELSAN integrated and tested VOLKAN-M fire control system to a single M60TM for qualification tests. Test Bed completed all qualifications tests, and in the second half 2022, ASELSAN and SSB (Defence Industry Agency) signed agreement for integration of VOLKAN-M fire control system as part of TİYK (Adding Additional Capability to (M60TM) Tanks) Modernisation Project. Alongside VOLKAN-M, this project included new Tank Command Control Communication and Information System and additional armor package. As of November 2022, there is no tanks upgraded and shown to public under TİYK Project.


Integration of VOLKAN-M fire control system was initially planned for Fırat Modernisation Project but VOLKAN-M’s development could not meet the deadlines, so Fırat Project completed without integration of VOLKAN-M fire control system.

After completion of VOLKAN-M’s development process, at least one unit of M60TM was fitted with new VOLKAN-M FCS for testing purposes. In May 2022, this prototype unveiled with a live-firing test videos. As of November, this specific testbed remains as only M60TM VOLKAN-M fire control system integrated. It is planned to integrate VOLKAN-M fire control system to all M60TM tanks under TIYK Modernisation Project alongside numerous upgrades.

VOLKAN-M Integration

M60T Main Battle Tanks received extensive upgrade in overall protection, situation awareness and firepower with Fırat Modernization Project. However, fire control unit of M60T, Elbit KNIGHT III fire control system , could not be upgraded as VOLKAN-M fire control system was still under development. Fırat Modernization Project completed without integration of VOLKAN-M fire control system and left M60TM to rely on ageing KNIGHT III fire control system.

In May 2022, ASELSAN completed development and qualification tests of VOLKAN-M fire control system and single M60TM was fitted with VOLKAN-M fire control system as test bed. M60TM successfully completed live-firing tests against both static and moving targets. After evaluation of results, SSB awarded ASELSAN with contract to integrate VOLKAN-M fire control system under TİYK Modernisation Project.

VOLKAN-M Fire Control System
VOLKAN-M is a new generation fire control system, developed by ASELSAN under FIRAT Modernisation Project for M60T tanks. However, development process could not be completed before Fırat Modernisation Project’s completion and M60T modernisation completed without VOLKAN-M fire control system. VOLKAN-M brings lethality of M60TM to most modern standards with high resolution Thermal and Day Imagers. Thanks to its interoperability with other sub-systems, VOLKAN-M allows more effective and user friendly interface.

Main Features
• High Day TV Image
• Automatic Target Tracking
• High Resolution Thermal Image
• Interoperability with Other Systems
• Dual-Axis LoS and LoF Stabilisation



EAGLEEYE-15 Gunner’s and Commander’s Periscope
Alongside new VOLKAN-M Fire Control System, newer gunner’s and commander’s periscope EAGLEEYE-15 was also integrated and tested on this testbed as ASELSAN’s 2021 Activity Report mentions.

EAGLEEYE-15 is a modular, compact and cost-effective periscope system designed by ASELSAN. It can be configured as Gunner and/or Commander periscope depending on needs. System comes with LRF, Thermal Sight Unit, Stabilised Sight and Day Camera. Although it was incorporated to M60T tanks in 2021, as Fırat Modernisation was completed in 2020 it is likely for separate program. ASELSAN’s 2021 Annual Report mentions its integration as modernisation of M60T tanks, which is after Fırat program. This makes me conclude that testing of EAGLEEYE-15 was completed with VOLKAN-M FCS.

Main Features
• Thermal Imager
• Daylight Camera
• Laser Range Finder
• Stabilised Head Mirror Periscope



General Specifications

This testbed is based on upgraded M60TM thus has all the previous upgraded sub-system from Fırat Modernisation Program. You can check my original M60TM suggestion for detailed information.

Fırat Modernisation Program integrates numerous systems to enhance overall battle-effectiveness of M60T Main Battle Tanks. Those intagrated sub-systems as follow:

• YAMGOZ Enhanced 360° Close Range Surveillance System
• SARP Remote Controlled Weapon Station
• TEPES Telescopic Periscope System
• TLUS Tank Laser Warning System
• Pulat Active Protection System
• ADIS Tank Driver Vision System

ASELSAN Upgrade Brochure



M60TM (VOLKAN-M) did not received any upgrade to its main armament, it retains powerful MG253 120mm L/44 smoothbore cannon. Secondary armament however, received an huge upgrade. M19 Cupola mounted 12.7mm heavy machine-gun removed alongside M19 cupola. Instead, M60TM received ASELSAN SARP remote controlled weapon system with 12.7mm heavy machine-gun at the back of the turret. SARP is highly potent weapon system, it has target tracking ability. It would be quite effective system if its tracking ability implemented. Though the main armament stays the same, firing capability greatly increased with ASELSAN’s VOLKAN-M fire control system.

SARP Remote Controlled Weapon Station

SARP is a compact, remotely operated stabilized weapon platform with high-precision surveillance capabilities and superb firepower. It can be integrated onto vehicles or fixed posts to provide firepower against air, ground, and asymmetric threats. SARP has ability to mount 7,62mm machine-gun, 12.7mm heavy machine-gun and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher in accordance with the operational needs.

Main Features

• Laser Range Finder
• Day and Night Imaging
• Gyro Aided Stabilization
• Automatic Target Tracking
• Automatic Ballistic Calculation
• Shoot-On-the-Move Capability for Stationary and Moving Targets

Brochure with More Information


ASELSAN SARP Remote Controlled Weapon System


Mobility of M60TM is another aspect which stays the same. M60TM is still powered by MTU MT 881 KA-501 diesel engine coupled with Renk 304S transmission. Due to new system, performance might be slightly lower, as I do not have exact numbers of additional weight of power-to-weight ration of M60TM, I cannot comment on this test bed either.


This specific test bed is pretty much identical to M60TM in most of the areas, and protection is one of them. M60TM’s overall protection is greatly increased with integration of PULAT active protection system and TLUS laser warning system.

Armor-wise, Explosive Reactive Armor on Upper Frontal Plate seems to be replaced. This change is pretty easy to spot, M60T and M60TM has ERA blocks while this test bed has one solid piece of armor in place of those blocks. There is no proper information regarding new armor but it is likely to be ROKETSAN’s new composite solution.


  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Mass: +59 Tons
    • Length: 6.9 m
    • Width: 3.6 m
    • Height: 4.1 m
  • Armament
    • Main Armament: IMI MG253 120 mm L/44 Smoothbore Cannon
    • Secondary Armament:
      ∙ 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      ∙ SARP Remotely Controlled Weapon Station Mounted M2HB 12.7mm Heavy Machine-Gun
    • Ammunition Capacity
      ∙ 42 120mm Cannon Rounds
      ∙ 10,000 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      ∙ 3,200 12.7mm Machine-Gun Rounds
  • Mobility
    • Engine: MTU MT 881 KA-501 Diesel Engine, 1000 Horsepower
    • Transmission: RENK 304S Automatic Transmission, 4 Forward, 4 Reverse
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
    • Maximum Speed: 55 km/h
    • Power to Weight: Around 16 hp/t (Likely a Little Less)
  • Protection
    • Hull Armor
      ∙ Explosive Reactive Armor
    • Turret Armor
      ∙ Non-Explosive Reactive Armor
      ∙ Explosive Reactive Armor ˀ
      ∙ Slat Armor
    • Active Protection System: PULAT
    • Smoke Grenades: 8x
  • Accessories
    • Night Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
      ∙ Driver
    • Thermal Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
      ∙ Driver
    • Laser Range Finder
    • Laser Warning Reciever
    • Automatic Target Tracking
    • See-Before-Seen Capability
    • Telescopic Periscope System
    • 360° Close Range Surveillance System
    • Hunter-Killer Capacity (Commander’s Override)

Implementation to War Thunder

This specific prototype of M60TM should be reserved for future Turkish TT and since it is one-off prototype it should be Premium vehicle. As Gaijin introduced high tier premiums, I believe M60TM (VOLKAN-M) should be added as GE premium, leaving Pack Premium slot to Altay prototypes. This would allow addition of top tier premium without hindering research tree. BR-wise it would be pretty similar to M60TM with PULAT, and offer similar play style with Merkava. I would say 60TM (VOLKAN-M) would fit around 10.3 - 10.7 Battle Rating.

Additional Photos



VOLKAN-M Firing Tests


PULAT APS General Information and Firing Test


PULAT In Motion



M60T&TM Sources


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Anasayfa - ASELSAN - EAGLEEYE-15 Brochure


Should be added in the American tree as a premium, and if in the future a Turkish Tree is added, it can be removed from US tree and added to the Turkish tree. All previous owners will keep it in US tree , like the Israeli Apache and Magach.


I think this would be the best compromise

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But … the base while an m60 is based of the sabra… an israeli modifications… the gun is an israeli 120mm…


I see American/Israeli argument again is on the menu. I cannot I they do make sense as both nations have some degree of relevance, neither of them really needs M60T as both nations has bunch of M60 modernisations.

USA has:

M60-2000 - 1



M60AX (Super M60)
M60AX (Super M60) - 1

Israel has:

Sabra Mk.I

Sabra Mk.II Early/Prototype

Sabra Mk.II

Sabra Mk.II (Iron Fist)

Sabra Mk.III

Sabra Mk.III (Iron Fist)

So I don’t really think neither Israel nor USA needs or lacks unique alternatives to M60T/TM in any form thus its addition to either trees should not be main priority.


Isnt the M60T/TM legit a modified sabra tho…

Yes, M60T is literally Sabra Mk.II but there is twist. Turkish M60T/Sabra Mk.II is not identical to the Mk.II Israel presents in defence fairs. As far as I’m concerned there is at least single Mk.II in Israel and it is slightly different from Turkish operated one.

I’ve covered those differences in old forum, here you check those if you are interested:

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