Good morning to all ladies and gentlemen. I decided to open this topic regarding M60A3TTS Usa at Br of 9.0. I personally found this medium tank produced in 1978 to be very anomalous as a combat BR. The cannon with its ammunition are good but the armor for the enemies it faces is simply “melted butter”. He is capable of taking a few glancing bullets but nothing more. How can he compete when he is facing the USSR especially the t-72 and some rare cases of t-80.
I find this tank totally unbalanced like this whole game.
I would be happy to hear about your experiences.
Thanks to everyone and best regards.

M60s do not do great in game

I’ve had some success in the M60A1 (AOS) because of it’s relatively fair BR of 8.3. You have stabilizer and good APDS/HEAT-FS, and it’s armor can save you some times.

Past that though I will have to agree, the M60s are rough. In the case of the TTS you’re basically in a heavier and more sluggish 8.0 tank, but at 9.0


The M774 is more than enough to face every Russian MBT you’ll face at that BR

If you stay at 9.0 or go higher at 10.0 the most tedious MBTs to fight are the T-72B and the T-72B (1989),with the former having a little more armour and the latter having also a strong ERA.

Your mobility is decent (not too slow,not too agile),you have a wonderful reload (6.7s aced,7.7s without expert),M774 gets the job done as long as you shoot the 2 vital weakpoints (the LFP and the area in proximity of the cannon),plus you have 1st gen thermals,which is a very rarity at that BR and you can use at your advantage with the ESS.

Be patient,be responsive and be alerted of your surroundings and when to strike,i personally loved the TTS because it’s slow but steady,and trust me when i say that it can tank some shots wonderfully. As long as you remain at 10.0 or under,you’re good

P.S.: don’t ever face a 2S38 on the front,that thing can pen you easily from the front and the M774 struggles to kill it (50% or lower since the fuel tank eat the round and its shrapnels)

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They weren’t overly great irl. The M60A3 TTS is better played in a support role. I personally have no problem with the M60A1 with the ERA (I know it’s slightly lower but for all intents and purposes they are the same aside from I think a new round and thermals). Its main problem is its mobility. There are other tanks at similar BRs with similar gun performance and worse armor but they are just more mobile

Ehh I wouldn’t say that. It’s acceleration is horrendous

That’s a big one, for some reason people think they can play the M60s aggressively which is not the case at all

I have a M60(AOS) near where I live, it’s a decommissioned one in a museum, but tbh, the M60 is underperforming in game, but comparatively at the time, it’s other nations counterparts were more advanced. It’s a beautiful tank, it should perform better, but the TTS in question is based on the AOS, with extra Blazer, and I think this 10.5cm should get an APFSDS if I remember, it’s a pretty decent tank, but it even performs worse than the Strv 103 C, a tank .3 lower than it.

Mobility on the M60(AOS) series are decent, they have the same powerplant as a Strv 104, and the Sho’t Dalet to my knowledge, I think the Chief may use it too, but I can’t remember. It’s in a grey area for an MBT, while it is multiple use case, it can’t be used aggressively like a Russian T-tank, and isn’t too great in defense, Like the Strv 103, it has to kind of sit back, and let friendlies draw fire, and scrape up what’s left.

If I remember right, it was meant to be used where a bunch of tanks rushed at the same time, some drawing fire, and some retaliating. As for its full strategy, there is a video on YouTube about tanks, specifically the M48 and M60 in Vietnam, and their role, as well as their tactics.

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The M60 was never in Vietnam. /nit

Guess it was just the M48, still pretty closely applicable to the M60 though.

It’s not meant to compete with them. It’s meant to be killed.

Decompression is coming with the next major update and unless Gaijin finds the TTS’s win rate to be exceptional it should hopefully no longer see them.

This will hopefully include the 2S38 which for some reason gets to play at 10.0 despite being able to frontally pen all MBTs at 9.0 (it can frontally pen all 11.7 MBTs as well, just not through their front UFP or turret cheeks)

M60s do great against tanks they were designed to fight against.

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Yes it was? It entered service in 1960 13 years before the war in Vietnam actually ended (not saying that means it was used but it was used in Vietnam).


The M60(AOS) never saw combat in Vietnam, however, the M60 CEV (M728) (yeah, that premium that got removed not too long ago) did see combat, the M60 was only used in Korea.

Quintessentially, M48 was enough to get the job done, and they had plenty of them, the 90mm did the job against enemies, the Commander’s independent interior machinegun and optic cupola could move and mow down infantry while the turret was busy doing something else, of the main gun wasn’t needed.

They kept the more important M60’s in Europe and Korea when facing advanced or relatively new Russian armor to have the slightest upper hand, when fighting them and other “advanced” tanks.

Idk why, but I have a memory of someone telling me about a small amount of M60’s showing up in Vietnam.

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You are correct my bad to you and @Exocetta

Besides that the M60A3 TTS is fine where it is.

Absolutely,you can’t be the first to push if you’re in a M60. You need to “follow the wave”,you ride with your team and help clearing out the enemy positions.

If done well,you can get absurd results (weeks ago i got 12 kills in my TTS while doing this)

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I was wrong originally too, no sweat.

M60A3TTS for its BR is ver strong tbh. The ERA on it eats a lot of shots even from things too. I really wish the U.S. tech tree has the base M60A3 with no ERA though. ERA on the M60s is ugly

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