M60 RISE (P) needs a friend

I personally love M60 RISE, how it looks, how it plays. But it’s so annoying that it does not have any lineup at all. You can’t even spawn a useful spaa (looking at you, m247 0.3 BR higher). And TTS at 9.0 stops being fun real fast.

Every other famous mbt gets some kind of pairing at these BRs:
OF-40 mk.2 / MTCA
chieftain mk.3 /mk.5
Bunch of chinese type 59s and 88s, 3 magachs at 8.7, leo with 105 and with 120 guns…

It feels wrong that all US m60s are strewn around different BRs. So, this is a suggestion, basically - add some company to M60 RISE. Not some weird prototype, not Merkava, another actual M60. There is nothing wrong with adding similar vehicles, as list above suggests. It can be some “Desert Storm” special, with a mine plow, it can be an early M60A3 without thermal sight (first batches did not have it). It could lose ERA, for example, m774 and thermals, and be different looking enough not to be complete copy-paste. It requires barely any work - just take Taiwanese M60A3 model, fix gunner’s sight, and voila!


Gaijin in general never considers this, which ruins a lot of good vehicles.

I don’t get it?
The US have like a ton of great vehicles at the 8-9 br range.

I mean, this can be said about any other nation, that they have some good vehicles in 1.0 BR spread.

Point being - if you want to play t-55s, for example, you got plenty of vehicles. Same goes for almost any mbt in 8.7-9.3 BR range. Sure, US has AOS, which is good, and i currently use it as second spawn, but do you really want to run it against T-72s and Leo 2Ks in full uptier?

at 9.0 you get some good vehicles that are not m60. Like xm-803, or m247. With a 0.3 BR jump TTS turns from well-armored tank into slow-moving punching bag.

Look, all I’m asking for is some harmless premium that allows you to keep in the fight if you get knocked out early. Everyone’s complaining about one death leavers, seems like fixing a lineup with a single tank in it is a step in right direction

Peace! ;)
I didn’t mean to start a big fight. I was genuinely confused, because I really like the US in that BR range, and to me it doesn’t make much difference if it’s 8.3, 8.7 or 9.0.

Edit: And yes, the US could use a premium at 8.7.