M60 - An Alternate Future

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TL;DR: An M60 given German markings acquired for evaluation and comparative tests against the pre-series Leopard 1.



After its entrance into NATO, West Germany was allowed to rearm itself and build up a tank force. This tank force initially consisted on cheaply acquired M47s and M48s, the later of which would see many upgrades. While these tanks were all well and good, they were ultimately stop-gap vehicles acquired for self-defense while a domestic design was being developed. This domestic design would be eventually come to be the Leopard 1 series of vehicles. Of course, before being accepted into service, the Leopard 1 needed to undergo a number of tests. One of these tests was comparative trials against a number of other vehicles including two 105mm armed M48A3s and one standard M60. The M60 would be purchased from the US and given German markings as well as, potentially, a basic German paint job. The M60 was chosen as a competitor for a few reasons, one of which being the fact that the M60 was essentially just a fancy M48. A lot of the parts from an M48 could be used on a M60 and German crews already knew how to use an M48. Overall, the M60 was considered to be a more economical alternative to the Leopard 1. Trials commenced in 1964 and, while the 105mm armed M48A3s and M60 were considered to be perfectly serviceable vehicles, the pre-series Leopard 1 was simply considered to be better. This wouldn’t be the last time the German M60 was used, however, as, after the Leopard 1 had entered service, it was seen again alongside a M48A2 C and an early production Leopard 1A3. Whether it was again being used in comparative trials or was simply brought out for a photo is ultimately unknown. The M60 remains in German hands to this day and (presumably) rests peacefully at the Munster Tank Museum, although it has been painted to look like a US M60s.

Place In War Thunder:

There is an evident small gap in Germany’s second line between the M48A2 C (7.0) and M48A2 G A2 (8.3). The German M60 is a perfect fit for that gap, providing a good vehicle right in the middle of it and allowing for a proper 7.7 lineup. The M60 could also provide a reliable late-game backup to the Leopard 1, being able to confront many second or third spawn vehicles with its decently reliable armor. Playstyle would be identical to the M60 in the US tree. Your 105mm cannon allows you to be a deadly sniper, however, if necessary you do have brawling capabilities and can go head to head with most of the Soviet heavies. While the German’s only used the M60 for evaluation, I feel that the best place for it is the tech tree, filling the aforementioned gap. Then again, it could come in as a squadron vehicle and serve its gap filling purpose well there too.


Armament: 105mm M68 cannon, 1x 12.7mm HMG, and 1x 7.62mm MG

Dimensions: 6.95m, 3.63m, 3.21m (L,W,H)

Weight: 45994kg

Armor: Same as M60 in-game

Crew: 4

Ammunition: Same as M60 in-game

Speed: 48kph

Horsepower: 750hp


Side View:


Alongside M48 and Leopard 1A3:


During Comparative Trials:


As It Is Today:



Leopard 1 - Wikipedia

M60 tank - Wikipedia

Flickriver: Photoset 'M47 Patton' by Broń Pancerna

Der Kampfpanzer M 48 in der Bundeswehr by Stefan Marx

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Definitely not against it’s addition, but it does seem a bit redundant with the M48C and M48G already there. Though I guess it could occupy a slot between them pretty cleanly.

Edit: the biggest thing to me is I don’t know that I would take it over just using a backup on the Leo 1 considering how easy it is to get them nowadays


I guess it’s more up to personal preference and the conditions of a specific battle. The M60 has a more reliable armor profile and a more stable gun when on the move. If I know that the enemy team is largely consisting of later game vehicles like Soviet heavies or AMX-50s, I would definitely feel much safer in the M60 as opposed to the Leopard 1 since getting caught out in the former would result in death much less often and I’d be able to brawl to some extent when confronted by the aforementioned vehicles.

Perhaps as an event/BP/premium? +1

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I don’t think we need M60 in the German tech tree