M55 Self-Propelled Howitzer

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The M55 is a self-propelled howitzer of American origin that is fully enclosed and armored. It is built upon the foundation of the M53 155 mm self-propelled gun. The M55 incorporates elements from the M47 Patton tank, with a unique twist in its automotive design. The engine is positioned at the front and is connected to a front-drive sprocket, enabling the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h (as indicated on Wikipedia). Due to the driver’s seat being located within the turret, a specialized seat is utilized to ensure that the driver maintains a forward-facing position, regardless of the turret’s direction.

During the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, the United States leased 12 8-inch Howitzers, of the 12, 6 of them were M55 8-inch Self Propelled Artillery Pieces , which the ROCA stationed on the Island of Kinmen.

The ROCA used the M55 for a brief period, it is said that the US reacquired them for fear of a Taiwanese naval attack on the PRC. with the M55 being taken away, the US gave a few more 8-inch howitzers to the ROCA, being emplaced in large concrete bunkers and other positions around the island.

Technical Data


Crew - 6 (1 Gunner, 1 Commander, 1 Driver, 3 Loaders)

Total Weight - 45,400 kg

Length - 9.72 m

Width - 3.58 m

Height - 2.4 m

Ground Clearance - 0.47 m

Ground Pressure - .817kg/cm²

Turret Ring Diameter - 1.51 m

Powerplant - 1 x Continental AV-1790-5B (Gross Power output - 596 kW at 2,800 rpm)

Transmission - General Motors CD-850-4 (2 Forward, 1 Reverse)

Max Speed - 35-56 km/h (Sources Differ)

Max Grade - 60°

Tracks - T80E6

Suspension Type - Torsion

Range - 240 km


Vehicle Assembly - Welded

Armor Composition - Rolled Homogeneous Steel

Hull UFP - 25mm

Hull LFP - 25mm

Hull Sides - 13mm

Hull Rear - 13mm

Hull Roof - 13mm

Hull Floor - 13mm

Turret Frontal Plate - 13mm

Turret Sides - 13mm

Turret Rear - 13mm

Turret Roof - 13mm

Fire Control and Armament

Main Armament - 1 x 203.2mm (8 in.) M47 Howitzer

Gunner Sight - T159E1 Telescope

Reload Time - ~120 seconds

Ammunition Count - 10 Shells

Shell Type - High Explosive (Unknown if adaptable to other 8 in. Howitzer Ammunition, such as HE-VT, APCBC, etc.)

Main Armament Horizontal Traverse - 30-30 (Right-Left)

Max Traverse Rate - 10°/s (Hydraulic, Manual Crank also present)

Main Armament Vertical Traverse - +65 -5

Max Traverse Rate 7.5°/s (Hydraulic, Manual Crank also present)

Machine Gun Mount fitted, unknown if .50 Cal fitted in Taiwanese Service.

Secondary Armament - 1 x 12.7mm M2HB in Flexible Cupola Mount.

360° of Traverse

Ammunition Count - 900 Rounds.





8" SPH M55


M55 self-propelled howitzer - Wikipedia

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As long as you are willing to wait to drop the spades and fire from a halt.
Speaking of…
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silly big guns are always a + for me

please don’t… artillery in this game is very ridiculous and the rubbish balance that they demand so much, placed next to WW2 tanks, completely takes away the immersion, not to mention that they are full of bugs, shooting at these vehicles doesn’t have the expected effect etc… rubbish

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I agree, US should receive one as well.

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