M4A3E2 rubber shells

Why M4A3E2 shooting rubber shells?!?!?! 10 shells to enemy and nothing, all around enemys in that time know where you are and destroying! Doesn’t matter which kind of shells used to be, all same like fire matches!!! Big bull Shit!!!


Lots of factors here and but some additional info might help others to reply.

  • What was the enemy vehicle?
  • Where were you aiming?
  • What was the distance?

Today i had a game with the M4A3E2, and shot 3 tigers. 2 in the front and 1 in the side. I like it.

I mean its short 75mm.

You need to go for weakspots most of the time.


Yes 75mm.

I bet OP uses APCR cause monkey brain sees higher penetration so must be better.


Its sufficient gun for the platform and BR. Dont snipe with it, US has much better choices for that, play at close range and abuse the stab.

What kind of tigers you shot in the front? H1? Try shoot Tiger II (H). I mean (1.0) BR higher is too big for all tanks in this game. Maximum (0.7) but not (1.0).

Heavy tank suffers in uptiers, in other news water is wet.

Yeah jumbo 75mm will struggle with KT frontally.

At the same time jumbo 75mm will slaughter most of 4.7 vehicles effortesly.


Tiger 1. Tiger 2 is more difficult.


Easiest kill is the commander cupola. Point blank and no angle you might have a hull shot if your lucky.

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Gaijin should be change BR system. For example if you have tank with BR 4.0 so must be maximum 4.7 and minimum 3.3. Obviously 1.0 BR its too high.

If you want good guns you should be playing Germany not USA. USA is renowned for the ineffectuality of their main armaments.

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The 76mm shermans:

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You mean the gun that has 4mm more pen than the 3.7 Panzer 4H?

On vastly superior platform, yes.

More like the american 105

*vastly more ugly platform

Whenever it is sexy or not is
A) subjective
B) irrelevant

76mm shermans are superior to Pzr. IVs just because of the stab.

They are also MUCH higher BR for very little increase in pen. Jumbo is just trash. The panther can UFP a jumbo without weakspot and that gun appears on the VK at 5.0. Anything can pen the jumbo through the drive wheel on any showing side armor. The 76mm shermans are also a BR or so too high but its been that way forever. M4a3 sitting at 5.7 is such a joke its not even funny.