M48 Patton - (NORWAY)

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Medium Tank

1x 90mm cannon
2x 7.62mm MG3

Eigne: Continental AVDS 1790-2D 750 Hp Gasoline
Top speed: 48 Km/h
Length: 9.44m
Width: 3.63m
Weight: 49 ton
Crew: 4

This carriage was developed in the early 1950s from the M47, which was again a direct descendant of the m26 Pershing which entered service towards the end of World War II. The wagon came into service in 1953 and was then used, among other things, in the Vietnam War and the Six-Day War in Sinai. The wagon type has been upgraded a number of times, so that today it is mostly only the basic construction that is the same as when the wagon was new, for example the engine has been changed from petrol to diesel, new and more powerful cannon (90mm-105mm), new fire control system and a number of other changes. The wagon has been used, and is partly still in use by a large number of countries around the world.

The first tanks arrived in Norway in 1963 and were set up in the new heavy tank squadrons. In total we got 38 pieces. These carriages were of the M48 type with a 90mm cannon and petrol engine. At the end of the 1970s, it was therefore decided to upgrade the carriages to the M48A5 standard, this started in 1892 and was completed in 1983.

An extra wagon was also bought in so that we had 3 squadrons with 13 wagons. In 1986, we bought in 16 more M48A5s, so that the total number then came up to 55. The carriages were standard M48A5, but with MG3 as coaxial and anti-aircraft machine gun and 76mm Wegmann smoke launcher. It was also changed to smaller cooling fans as the air-cooled engine ran very cold in our climate. Special belt links were also purchased from Turkey which made it possible to mount snowshoes instead of the American T-132 belt.

The carriages were phased out in 1993 as part of the CFE agreement and the standardization of Leopard 1. Most were chopped up, and some went to firing ranges and others were taken over by the defense museum



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There is apossibility that both pattons has recieved some Norwegian modifications, i am currently woeking on finding out what is is (evwntually, bery likely)