M47 Patton

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The M47 Patton was developed at the request of the United States Army from 1950, initially as derived from the previous M46 Patton, which in turn had originated from the M26 Pershing employed in the final stages of the Second World War, the new Detroit Tank Arsenal M47 Patton II, equipped with improved armor on the front arch (but not on the sides), was designed using the slightly modified hull of the M46 coupling the new turret of the experimental medium tank T42, with a new design and armed with a cannon T119 (later called M36) caliber 90 mm. The M47 as such represented the first true new design system developed in the United States after the end of the Second World War, and, in the intentions of the US Army General Staff, was to replace the previous models M4A3E8 and M46 then in service. The tank was supplied to the Italian Army and to the European allies at the same time as the US Army, it remained in service from 1952 to the end of 1981 in all armored departments, including the Carabinieri. Already at the end of 1952 the M47s equipped the 132th, 31st and 4th tank regiments; in 1961 the Italian armed forces numbered a thousand M47 and the following year they obtained another 1000, purchased at a preferential price from the USA. Finally, in 1969, another 600 vehicles were bought from West Germany (which had abandoned them) and reconditioned in Italy. The M47 Patton was the first modern tank to enter service in the Italian Army, pity that it was already exceeded at the time of its release, however it was the most used tank in Italy and has formed 2 generations of Italian tank crews.


Crew: 5 (commander, driver, loader, gunner, assistant driver)

Length: 8,51 m
Width: 3,51 m
Height: 3,35 m
Total weight, battle ready: 44,1 tons

Propulsion: Continental AV-1790-5B V12, air-cooled, gasoline engine 810 hp (600 kW)
Transmission: Allison CD-850-4, 2 forward ranges, 1 reverse
Maximum speed: 48 km/h
Suspensions: Torsion bar suspension
Range: 160 km
Max grade: 60%
Max trench: 2,60 m
Max vertical obstacle: 0,91 m
Max fording depth: 1,21 m

Main: 90 mm M 36 (T 119E1) cannon (71 rounds). Elevation from -10 ° to + 19 °
Sec: 1 x .50 cal (12.7 mm) M2 machine gun (roof-mounted) (440 rounds)
1 x .30cal M1919A4 MG (7,62 mm) (Coaxial), 1 x .30cal M1919A4 MG (7,62 mm) (Right front of hull) (4125 rounds)




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It would be really nice to have something between the M26 and M47/105, this just fits perfectly there!

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