M47 105/51, the first trial.

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Hello everyone, today I want to introduce you to the first prototype of the M47’s modernization effort by the italian industry, the M47 105/51.



Italy was deemed a strategic and important ally by the US after the WW2 and during the Cold War therefore the US started supplying tanks to Italy through Mutual Assistance Program(M.A.P.).
Initially it was planned to send the M46 to Italy but in 1952 it was decided to switch to the newer M47. Shortly after this decision, the 16th of november of the same year to be precise, the first batch of M47s arrived in Italy.
Seeing how the M47 constitued a pillar of the army, the national industry proposed to update their capabilities.
The army decided to first test the feasibility of the upgrading of the cannon and tasked OTO MELARA to modify an M47 with a 105mm.
OTO MELARA with great ingenuity mounted an M68 cannon coupled with a custom breach and kept the original M36 gun mount.
Seeing the success of the project, the army decided to hold a competition between the national industries although, unfortunately, at the end none of the proposal was chosen.

Technical Data


Engine: Continental mod. AV-1790-5B 12V

Engine Power: 810HP
Power-to-weight ratio: 18.4 hp/t
Transmission: Allison CD850-4
Max Speed: 48Km/h
Upper frontal plate: >101,6mm
Lower frontal plate: <88,7-76,2mm
Turret front: 101,6mm
Turret side: 63,5mm
Turret back: 76,2mm
Turret ceiling: 25,4mm
Primary equipment: M68 105/51 cannon
Secondary equipment: 12,7mm Browning

Why should it be ingame?


The great thing about this M47’s iteration is the fact that it basically has the bonus of the 105mm without any downsides. I think this tank could solidify the 7.7 lineup, especially if you don’t have the premium M60.



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What’s the difference between this one and the M47/105 in-game?

It retains the same engine as the standard M47 so it’s actually an upgrade and not a sidegrade.


We Need more tank in those BR +1

+1 great research