Italian M47 105/55: Actually a spanish M47, how to fix it

Hi everyone, with the advent of the new forums I’m moving over some of my old suggestions and reports, this one is quite neat as it explains how the real OTO made M47 105mm should be made ingame.
Mind you that this change is regarded as a low priority one as the vehicle would only change under a visual aspect and not a performance one.

Original post:
The italian M47 105/55 isn’t italian at all, the vehicle we have currently ingame is actually modeled after the spanish M47 present in Latrun. In this report I’ll explain how to modify the vehicle to match the real italian M47 105.
The Italian one should also change name as it never mounted a 105/55 but an M68 105/51 cannon so I propose to use one of this names:
-M47 OTO (Currently in game its full name is M47 (105/55) OTO)
-M47 (105/51)
-M47 (M68)

Spanish M47E2
The M47 we have ingame is actually modeled after the Spanish M47E2 present in Latrun



The model we have ingame:



The Italian M47

So almost the whole model is wrong so this will be a lengthy and difficult process, if something isn’t clear I gently ask the mods to point out what I should clarify as this will be pretty hard to explain.
First things first, the skirts.
The skirts used on the model are wrong as the italian M47 used the same in use on the american counterpart except for some different tool boxes and the same muffler used on the M60 but reversed.


1: the mudguard should be the stock one mounted on the M47.
2: wrong mudflaps as it mounted the stock rounded ones.
3: same toolbox mounted on the stock M47.
4: different toolbox, a bit shorter and with different details.
5: muffler used on the M60 but reversed front/back.
6: Possibly a phone, present only on the left side.
A shot from a different view:
A shot from the opposite side:

The front of the hull:


The front of the hull featured the machine gun port but it was emptied and the lights were the stock ones

1 Same stock lights as the standard M47
2 Machine gun port emptied but present.


This isn’t really strange as the italian army didn’t really used that gun port

Although it isn’t known if the OTO model would’ve featured an empty gunport or if it was to be sealed of like some other nations did with theirs M47s



The turret in game is missing some bars on the side of the turret and the machine gun port should be extruding a little bit more.

1- Stock machine gun port
2- Missing some bars on both of the cheecks of the turret



1-The grille was all of the same length

2-The grille is continuos, there isn’t any “texture”.

3-New shape of the lights covers with a rounded part, probably from the M60

4-Stock tow hooks, they need to be moved higher

5-All engine’s grid covers must be removed from top, middle and bottom

6-Stock tow hook in the middle


L’M47 Patton Nell’Esercito Italiano – Filippo Cappellano, Fabrizio Esposito, Daniele Guglielmi

Gli autoveicoli da combattimento dell’Esercito Italiano iii tomo 2


sadly they will never fix this. It costs money to do that and they won’t spend anything but the bare minimum on the Italian Tree.

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