M42 Contraereo with more Ammo

Would a higher BR version of this vehicle work with more ammo work? Maybe pitch it at 4.7 ?

I am sure the Leopard will be moved soon, and Italy is woefully devoid of SPAA in GRB in WW2 BR.


Just give the dang thing a couple sets of spare ammo, hell even just one would make it more playable. No need to push it up in BR in my opinion, since even the AP belts can’t penetrate most ground targets at its BR.

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Why should an “Italian wirbel” go higher than the German counterpart that has 3200 ammo?

My understanding is that it originally had more ammo but the Devs (or the players) found it too OP and cut its ammo down (Open to correction) If a new “Full Fat” high ammo version came in it would be OP at the same BR. My suggestion is to have both version at separate BR, maybe make them slightly different visibly.

Sure I would like the more ammo on the standard but that is not how WT works sadly.

Because it is far more deadly than its German counterpart and that is presumably why Gaijin nerfed it’s ammo so heavily in the first place. Other than that you tell me? I have been wondering the same for years.

Ammo is just about having boxes stacked about nothing that breaks the canon. It’s a prototype anyway is it not?

It’s just the same as “deadliness”. The BR is fine where it is.

By the other side more ammo would be appreciated.

Didn’t they originally have it have like 20 rd. “clips” (magazines) instead of belts?
Anyway, even at 3.7 its already BR’ed higher than any of the contemporary vehicles it could have served with. 4.7 would put it deep into post WWII stuff, and I think it would not have a great time even with lots of AP belts.
I’d say give it more ammo but also remove the AP. More useful, less menace.

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It is Gaijin that keep screwing with the BR of vehicles not me. If it was up to me the BR of any vehicle over a year old would never be moved and the game might have some stability. Like I said do you seriously think Gaijin would nerf it’s ammo only to give it all back and then leave it where it was in BR? Unlikely My suggestion is if they must nerf the ammo then give us two versions, one low and one higher.

If you have any power to give the M42 higher ammo at 3.7 then fine.

That could work but the issue forum wide is CAS destroying games and SPAA not doing enough or people not wanting to play it. To get players to spawn SPAA and challenge CAS we need them to be effective in the game when the CAS wave has passed as it often does. Not having AP can leave SPAA players in limbo when there is no CAS up.

OTOH; A large part of the problem is that a lot of players use SPAAs as light tanks/tank destroyers. So they will spawn in loaded for bear, not ducks.
Giving them only belts with 1 in 4 or 5 AP to HE will give them a self defense capability while “strongly encouraging” their use in their historical role.


Having talked to crews of the American M16 SPAA they said they spent more time firing at infantry with the 50 cals than German CAS because Germany simply had no CAS by 44 or it was rare, so historically CAS is just a gun to fire wherever. I think you need to be able to use CAS as anti tank just to get players to put it in their line up.

I am tired of jumping into SPAA to be the team AA Saviour only to find the CAS has gone by the time I spawned, and I have come to the gunfight armed with a knife.

But if you asked a German Flak 38 crew about what they shot at…

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B17s at 15,000 feet and Lancasters in the dark at 15,000 ft probably :) ,All doable according to some WT players


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The game does need a rethink if Gaijin wants to pretend its historical, when SPAAs make better tank destroyers while self propelled howitzers are better SPAAs.