M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage, A Captured Gorilla

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This suggestion is for the multiple Chinese Captured M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage, or called the “Gorilla”


The M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) started its development in 1942, but only saw its type designation given and production run start in June of 1945, which was far too late to see action against Germany and was only shortly before Japan would fall on all fronts to the allies. The production version of the M41 was built on a modified M24 Chaffee chassis built with a 155mm Howitzer M1. Being too late to see World War 2, the M41 would have its production run cut from 250 units to only 85. The first and only significant action of the M41 HMC would be the Korean War. When these were pressed into service in the Korean War, they were originally put in the US’s 92nd Field Army Battalion and the 999th Armored Field Artillery Battalion and found themselves to be effective and being well respected by their crews.


During these engagements in the Korean War, multiple M41s were lost to the Chinese Volunteer Army, and multiple (as there are accounts with photos that state 2 were captured and put into use against the US during the 2nd Battle of Maliangshan, and the only surviving one was captured during the 1953 summer counteroffensive) were captured. These M41s under a new banner found themselves to be similarly effective as a SPH against their foes and found action until the end of the Korean War.

After the ceasefire of the Korean War, the M41 would not see any more significant action, and one of these captured vehicles still survives to this day and is in the collection of the 中国人民革命军事博物馆 in Beijing, being displayed with US insignias used during the Korean War. The surviving on display M41 HMC was captured in 1953 during the Summer counteroffensive in the Pyonggang/Pingkang County.

How it fits in War Thunder


With the 155mm howitzer that the M41 uses along with the powerful HE shells it is capable of firing, along with the vehicles high positioning ability and uniqueness as it is currently not in the game in any variant, the M41 HMC could be a very effective and unique addition as a tank destroyer for the lower ranks of the tree. It would be balanced out by its light armor, longer reload, and lack of secondary armament/MGs.



Length: 5.8m
Width: 2.8m
Height: 2.4m
Weight: 19.3t

Crew: 5,
-1 driver
-1 commander
-1 gunner
-1 assistant gunner
-1 loader

-Hull: 13mm all around, Rolled homogeneous steel
-Gun compartment shielding: 6.5mm

Engine: 2 V8 Cadillac 4T24 producing 2x82kW
Maximum speed: 56kmh
Suspension: Torsion Bar

-Primary: 155mm Howitzer M1
-No secondary/coaxial armament

Ammo capacity: 22
Velocity: 565ms
Elevation: +45,-5d
Horizontal traverse: 17.5d right, 20d left
Rate of fire: 4rpm (SUSTAINED FIGURE)

-M102 HE Shell, 43.13kg weight, 7.06KG TNT Filler


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If we get it for the US I don’t see any problem why it couldn’t be added to china as well

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No one has suggested this vehicle at all prior to this, up to you if you want an american version but I think the us tree is doing fine with unique tank destroyers.

i mean it is A US vehicle so it should also go to the nation that actually built and used it

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tor-m1 moment

Only if the US also gets it. Would be ridiculous to have an American vehicle only in the Chinese tech tree as a pair of captured examples.

true that is kinda dumb that Russia doesn’t have it

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no, there are more suitable options for China TT
we need is more independently developed vehicles

Currently working on making suggestions for vehicles made prior to the end of the Korean War Era that are not in the game to any capacity, these are too new. If u have any similar ones with substantial sourcing that match this descriptor i am all ears.

What is the relationship between this and the era? Adding vehicles does not require any consideration of age at all
The positioning of 70-1 in the figure is exactly the same as M41. The levels are also in the same position.
So it is the most suitable choice.
The China TT RANK1-RANK4 is full of 90% copy and paste. These meaningless contents should not be added again

In a way thats what makes the tree unqiue

Imo i play China for the broad array of vehicles, it just seems boring to grind other trees to play standalone vehicles when i could play them with contemporary stuff.