M3A3 isn't even comparable to the BMP-2M

Problem is, one is much, much worse than the other at that role.

Bradley doesn’t have side mounted ATGMs ?
It’s TOW-2s are uncontrollable at closer ranges, while 2M’s missiles will go straight from the get go.

My bad for forgetting such an important feature.

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This topic has already been discussed many times.
irl there are no restrictions on the launch speed; the installation, like on other equipment, is opened manually. the only reason why the irl do not use ATMG at full speed is because the TOW is controlled by wire and they can break because of this, or leave the ATMG guidance zone due to the terrain.

And there shouldn’t be any gaming restrictions, since in fact they are artificial and made for unknown reasons.


It’s literally slow

BMP-2: 55kph at 14 seconds.
M3A3: 48kph at 13 seconds.

They’re similar, close enough.
And M3A3 gets the benefit of neutral steer for close quarters.

It cant fight in close quarter. It cant fire ATGM on the move and doesn’t get a fast firing gun like the BMP-2M.