M3A3 isn't even comparable to the BMP-2M

The M3’s main problem in my opinion is the terrible weapons. The TOW launcher folds way too slowly compared to real life, not to mention if a crew was put into a small combat zone like War Thunder, they wouldnt fold down the missiles like that. TOWs are underperforming anyway, with horrible damage. Not to mention the slow fire rate of the mediocre 25mm. But ofc, Gaijin thinks the BMP-2M is completely comparable.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 081433

TOW-2B test against Russian T-72


Eventually you will realise the fact the “on-paper” performs on par when it comes to war thunder unlike real life, due to multiple factors. TOW2B does need a slight rework though

Tow launcher should not fold, nor should the Russians have the exclusive ability to shoot on the move, no reason why others cannot as far as I understand.


Realistic limitations doesn’t cross your mind?

The Russians are not the only ones that can shoot on the move, the mgm-51c, the mp acra, the qn502cdd, spike er/mp, the falarick, the gp 105 or the gp 125 all can be fired on the move, so not a russian exclusive ability, it is because they are beam riding missiles

lots of these aren’t realistic limits, especially for the same BR

Do what about adats and losat?

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M3A3 is absolutely horrible to use in mostly urban maps we have in the game. Low rate of fire for the main gun, launcher needs time to deploy and bad mobility are just a few reasons why it should be moved down significantly.
Even if you find a good camping spot for those missiles, you would still be better off just using something with a high caliber cannon.

Only thing going for it is the top-down missile, but that’s pretty niche as well.


M3A3 Bradley is fine the problem is the TOW 2As and the TOW missile rework which doesn’t effect laser guided TOWs as heavily as wire guided.

Right now when firing a TOW 2A the missile curves down to the right then back up.

This requires compensation from aim to make it land properly, it isn’t accurate to the gun scope.

This is not how TOWs work in real life.


the losat lacks any kind of vertical traverse so being able to fire on the move is completely unrealistic, as for the adats i dont know why it cant, make a bug report if you want

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What’s the realistic limitation?

The metal parts will shake when traveling faster than the speeds at which they close.

Only annoying thing is you can’t use gear 1 forward to stay at that slower speed so it begins folding, reversing is fine it’ll stay up but the bradley gets a hump so it ain’t easy.

You think the crew of a Bradley is more concerned about metal parts shaking opposed to being obliterated? In an active warzone they’re not going to keep it down once they want to go above 5km/h or whatever.

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I sent you a picture 4 of the 5 have their tow launchers closed.

IRL a Bradley isn’t meant to go against MBTs, IRL engagement ranges are much longer.

The Bradley can fire its TOW launcher completely hull down, the problem is WT’s maps aren’t suited for the engagement distances which the Bradley is meant to operate with.

They have their tow launcher closed because they weren’t actively engaged in combat and instead got stuck in a minefield and then struck with artillery, unless they were planning on shooting down incoming artillery shells with their missiles I don’t see why they’d be open.


You have to recognize that in real life you’re not fighting a tank 25 meters away with a Bradley otherwise you’d be dead.

Yet whenever you are fighting a vehicle, you’re not going to casually lower the launcher if there is a chance you’re going to need it.

If real Bradleys were put into the situations like we have in Warthunder, they would not lower the launcher, applying real world doctrine to a videogame is stupid, it’s not an actual limitation, it’s a recommendation.

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Same with the M113s or CM25s, I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest they cannot shoot on the move, just that they don’t do it because they engage at range and now CQC combat.

It may also depend on training. You can see here during Army field maneuvers they raise and lower the TOW between each movement phase. The Bradley isnt necessary designed to fight armor though it has successfully with TOW’s but thats not it’s purpose.

Training is training though, no point in adding wear and tear to the vehicles if that’s not necessary, but once you’re in a life or death situation you’re really not going to waste time raising and lowering the launcher, it’s a stupid limitation.

A game shouldn’t force it to lower, if I’m controlling the vehicle than I get to control the launcher going down or not, being forced to do this because some training manual says it’s preferred or recommended has nothing to do with a game.

Especially with all the urban maps we have, I doubt the launcher would suffer that much from cruising down a flat asphalt road.

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