M3 Halbkettenfahrzeug (a) mit 3,7 cm Flak 1925(f) L/50

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I would like to suggest this unique combo of a captured M3 Halftrack with a french 37mm MLE 1925 L/50 gun with gunshield. it game it would offer a mobile, lightly armored (enove for LMGs) gunplatform, that can fire relatively powerfull (german build) ammo 360° traverse against air and ground targets.
It would be a candidat for Event or premium vehicle and show the need of the german army to both use and modify captured equipment.

The history about this vehicle is pretty much unknown except that it is from Tunisia 1943.

The Mle 1925 was a single gun mount hand loaded semi automatic gun with relatively good performance, tho weaker than similar guns of other nations of the same class. It was mainly used on ships and stationary on land.

The M3 Halftrack was an american armored personnel carrier used by many different allied nations and the Soviet union in WW2 and the Cold War. Based on the M2 Car the standart M3 Halftrack was build around 15k times and 38k more in different variants such as with AA turrets (M13, M15 and M16) or as the M3 GMC with 75mm gun and so on.

Pictures: (Click to show)


The Gun:
3,7 cm Flak 1925(f) L/50
Elevation: -15° to +80° and 360° traverse. ~21 rpm. And a gunshield of 8-10mm.
It fires the 37x278mm ammo with the AP round beeing 0.72 kg, however german build and modified their own ammo for a multitude of guns, and this one is no different.
It fired standart German and modified Czech ammo (the Shell not the casing!).
While there would be more ammo, ill only mention the game play perspective wise interesting ones:

First the Standart captured ammo, which include an APCBC solid shot (0,72 kg at 810m/s 67mm/10m), Canister shot and a He round. (Click here to show) Tho only the original APCBC round could be of interest, as the german ammo is better and by 1943 original french ammo stock may be depleted and or not send to Tunisia

Then German and Czech ammo, as allready found on the 3,7 cm Pak L/45 and on the 3,7 cm KwK 38(t) L/47
These include (but are not limited to, tho only gameplay wise of interest): (Click on their names to show)

Pzgr. (Aphe) 0,685 kg 0,013 kg Pent (0,0221 kg TnTa) 840 m/s 56mm/10m


Pzgr. 34 (t) (Apc, without tracer) 0,85 kg 0,013 kg Pent (0,0221 kg TnTa) 771 m/s 66mm/10m

Screenshot 2024-02-02 133311

Pzgr. (t) umg (Apc, with tracer) 0,82 kg 0,013 kg Pent (0,0221 kg TnTa) 780 m/s 65mm/10m


Pzgr. 40 (Apcr) 0,368 kg 15x58mm 150g Core 1020 m/s 86mm/10m


Sprgr. 18 umg. (He) 0,62 kg 0,027 kg Pent (0,0459 TnTa) 850 m/s


Sprgr. 40 (He) 0,665 kg 0,045 kg Pent (0,0765 kg TnTa) 850 m/s


The Vehicle:
M3 Halftrack

Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 6.35 mm (31°) Hood front
12.7 mm (31°) Driver port 6.35 mm 6.35 mm N/A
Turret 10,5 mm N/A N/A N/A

Weight: 8,31 kg (with Gun)
Engine: 131 hp
Speed: 73 / 17 Km/h
Crew: 4
Ammo storage: Unknow but in their standart ammo boxes (even visible packed in the back of the vehicle)

Warthunder Wiki (for the M3)
Geschossringbuch I
Munition der 3,7 cm KwK 38 (t)
Naval Weapons of World War Two

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Not the most powerful gun out there, but it is nothing if not unique! A French gun on an American half-track in German service. +1

As i sayed, for its class its weak (3,7 cm C/30 is quite more powerfull) but compared to the L/45 and L/47 its a bit more powerfull.

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I’d love to see how it performs in-game, so I hope we get it!