M2A2 ODS Bradley: Urban Threat

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220px-Flag_of_the_United_States_svg.png. M2A2 ODS Bradley: Urban Threat

Over 25 years of Service


An M2A2 ODS Bradley seen in Baghdad, Iraq during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Note the AN/VLQ-6 active protection system on the turret.

  • Summary:

    • This suggestion is for the implementation of the late model of the M2A2 ODS Bradley, which utilized several upgrades and munitions such as the M919 APFSDS, TOW-2A/B ATGM’s, AN/VLQ-6 APS, and Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles.
  • Description :

    • The M2A2 ODS Bradley, also known as the M2A2 Operation Desert Storm, is a variant of the M2 Bradley IFV first fielded after Operation Desert Storm in 1991. While maintaining the same armament of the M2A1, the M2A2 ODS received several upgrades that increased combat performance as well as survivability. This included a new 600hp Cummins VTA-903T 8-cyl Diesel Engine , a new HMPT-500-3 Hydromechanical Transmission, Spaced Laminate Armor Plating (protecting the vehicle against 30mm APDS rounds), Kevlar Spall Liner (that protects vital areas), Tactical Navigation (TACNAV), Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR), Digital Compass Systems (DCS), Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) Battlefield Command Information System, Laser Rangefinder and Bradley Reactive Armor capable of defeating RPG’s. Some vehicles were fitted with the AN/VLQ-6 active protection system capable of defeating 1st generation guided ATGM’s. All these new technologies were the forefront of bringing the M2 Bradley to the digital age as much of this is currently seen on the latest variant, the M2A3 Bradley. This vehicle saw deployments to Kosovo as well as the Invasion of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During deployments to Iraq, some Bradley’s were fitted with Hatch Shields allowing Commander’s to take note of the environment while protected behind a Shield capable of withstanding small arms fire. The M2A2 ODS Bradley can field both the AN/VLQ-6 and Bradley Reactive Tiles at the same time. The M2A2 ODS Bradley is still seen actively used by the United States Army and continues to receive upgrades with the latest sub-variant being the M2A2 ODS-SA (SA for Situational Awareness) which is a conversion of hardware to digital interfaces. The U.S. Army plans on converting M2A2 ODS/ODS-SA Bradley’s to the new M2A4 Bradley standard. Current users of the M2A2 ODS Bradley are the U.S. Army, the Saudi Army, and the Lebanese Army. Another possible customer is the Croatian Army.
  • Armament:

    • Main Weapon: 25mm M242 Chain Gun (w/ 900rds, 300 Ready-to-Fire)
      • Rounds:
        • M919 APFSDS-T
        • M791 APDS-T
        • M792 HEI-T
      • Depression/Elevation: -9°/+59°
    • Additional Weapons:
      • Coaxial M240C Machine Gun (w/ 2,200rds, 200rds/Gun Belt)
      • BGM-71 Dual TOW Launcher (w/ 7 ATGM’s, 2 in Launcher, 5 Stowed)
        • TOW-2A ATGM
        • TOW-2B ATGM
  • Maneuverability:

    • Engine: 600hp Cummins VTA-903T 8-cyl Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: HMPT-500-3 Hydromechanical Transmission (6-forward, 2-reverse)
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: 56km/h
  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 6.55m
    • Width: 3.6m
    • Height : 2.98m
    • Weight: ~28t (~34t w/ Reactive Armor Tiles)
  • Crew (3x):

    • Commander
    • Driver
    • Gunner
    • 7 Passengers
  • Features:

    • 8x Smoke Grenades
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • AN/VLQ-6 Soft-kill APS
    • Optics:
      • Driver: NVD (Possible AN/VVS-2 Thermal Imager Upgrade/Not seen on all M2A2 ODS Models)
      • Gunner: Bradley Integrated Gunner Sight (1st Generation Thermal Imager)
      • Commander: NVD
    • Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles I/II (BRAT I/II)
      • Capable of defeating shaped-charged HEAT rounds (minimum of 260mm of protection against HEAT) as well as being able to sustain hits from small arms ammunition and artillery shrapnel.
      • BRAT II increased protection against Kinetic Rounds.
      • 96 Tiles can be added to the M2A3 Bradley.
    • ESS
  • Reason for Implementation:

    • The M2A2 ODS Bradley would provide the U.S. Ground Forces Tech Tree another top tier capable Infantry Fighting Vehicle and reinforce the light vehicle lineup at top tier. The vehicle would perform similar to the M3A3 already in-game with the exception of less ATGM’s due to its role as an infantry carrier, the APS, and no CITV. However, with the Bradley Reactive Armor, it will provide more protection than the standard Bradley, allowing it greater survivability against HEAT rounds and ATGM’s. It is specifically designed to defeat shaped charges. The M2A2 ODS Bradley would sit under the M3A3 Bradley since it has less ammunition, however, would retain its capabilities (same ammunition, etc. as the M3A3) as a well needed light vehicle for the U.S. tree. It would also be a good counter to any future BMP-3M equipped with ERA.
    • If this vehicle is implemented with the ERA, the M3A3 Bradley in-game already needs it as well.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 9.0-9.3 (at full capability).
  • Imagery/Videos:



M2A2 ODS Bradley with CARC camouflage conducting maneuvers.


M2A2 ODS Bradley equipped with ERA tiles as well as a Commander’s Shield.


M2A2 ODS Bradley in Iraq equipped with ERA tiles.


M2A2 ODS Bradley equipped with ERA as well as AN/VLQ-6.


M2A2 ODS conducting exercises.


Newly equipped Pennsylvania National Guard M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley on display, 2014.


General Dynamics visual of the M2A2 ODS Bradley equipped with Reactive Tiles and APS Countermeasure.


M2A2 ODS Bradley live fire exercises in Kosovo, 2009.

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Is this the same APS found on the M1A1 HC? Pretty cool! I’d love to see this added. +1

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It is. It’s the AN/VLQ-6. It drives some uniqueness when compared with other Bradley variants especially when the APS is paired with the Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles. 🤙


I agree! Little things like this are what make vehicles unique and interesting.

pair this with the linebacker(if it ever gets added)and you would have a pretty good line up


Honestly, I would rather see this with ITOWs or some other downgraded missiles to go with its reduced capacity, and placed at 9.0 or 9.3 to fill the immense gap in US light tanks there. It would provide better protection than the standard Bradley, and probably still get APFSDS, but weaker TOWs and less of them would help balance it at that BR, rather than making it almost the same (and thus probably 9.7 or 10.0 like the M3A3). Either way, more Bradleys would be welcome.

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Pretty sure Morocco just received this variant of Bradley along with there M1A2 SEPv3’s.

For MBT and IFV’s, they’re going to have a unique concoction:

  • M1A2 SEPv3
  • M60/M48
  • M2A2 ODS-SA (w/o Soft-kill APS)
  • AIFV
  • Merkava III(M)
  • T-72B
  • BMP-3
  • VT-1A

This seems to me as pretty definitively an upgrade or at least sidegrade to the M3A3. Perhaps a 10.0 squadron vehicle, since the M901 isn’t exactly the most versatile. Why would you have it at 9.0? Clearly better survivability, similar mobility, and identical weaponry except 25% lower ammo count for ATGMs. Why would that be the same BR as a BMP-3 and Type 89 and lower than the Begleit?

Now that there is more usage of the BMP-3M with the Karkas ERA (and the Sodema), maybe we’ll finally see Bradley variants with the BRAT I/II ERA kits.