M26 Heavy tank

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Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is the M26 heavy tank captured by the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army.

  • History:

Under the strategic decision of “Resisting US Aggression and Aid Korea, Defending the Country”, the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army entered North Korea on October 19, 1950 to participate in the war. On October 25, it engaged in the first battle with the US military. Although the Volunteer Army had a huge gap in weapons and equipment compared to the US military, they achieved victory in the first battle through clever and brave tactics and a fighting spirit that was not afraid of sacrifice, thwarting the US military’s plan to advance towards the Yalu River.

The US military, which suffered its first defeat in the Korean War, did not abandon its attempt to advance into the Yalu River and occupy the Korean border. The Commander in Chief of the United Nations Command Army, MacArthur, believed that China had only deployed small-scale troops symbolically to participate in the war. Therefore, he adjusted his deployment and successively ordered the “United Nations Command forces” to advance towards the Yalu River, shouting to end the war before Christmas in 1950.

In order to defeat the overall offensive of the US military, the Volunteer Army conducted the second battle. On the Western Front battlefield, the Volunteer Army engaged in large-scale encirclement and detour, and dealt a heavy blow to the main force of the US 9th Army on the Qingchuan River, completely thwarting the US military’s attempt to launch a large-scale attack, causing the “United Nations Command Army” to fully retreat. At the same time, the Volunteer Army on the Eastern Front defeated the elite US Marine 1st Division at Changjin Lake and completely annihilated one US regiment in the Xinxingli area. In order to prevent being surrounded and broken down by the volunteer army, the United Nations Command army fully retreated to the area south of the 38th parallel.
Group photo after capturing the tank

In the second battle, the Volunteer Army annihilated a total of 36000 enemy soldiers, including more than 24000 American soldiers, and seized more than 200 United Nations Command tanks and armored vehicles, including the M26 heavy tank.
This tank is currently stored side by side with T62 545 in the Army Heavy Weapon Equipment Technology Department of the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum in Beijing.

  • In game:
    This tank has the same performance as the existing M26 in the game and can be added as a reward for China’s Golden Eagle/Activity/Battle Pass to supplement China’s 6.7 queue.
  • Spefications:
    Crew:5 people
    Main weapon:M3 90mm cannon (70 rounds)
    Secondary weapons:12.7 M2HB machine gun
    Engine power: 500 horsepower
    Maximum forward speed: 48km/h
    Maximum reverse speed: 15.5km/h
    Armor thickness: 25-101 millimeters



+1 as a GE or Squadron vehicle.

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all captured vehicles should be premium, event or squad

I would suggest it being a squadron vehicle instead , def not TT tho. One option i would love with captured vehicles is when they are regular ones to have them be “locked” outside TT until you research their original TT counterpart, it would be a neat implementation without it relying on making em premium, BP or event.

no, a heatfs lacking m46, but the pershing is one of the worst vehicles in game.

I personally am not all hands. I already don’t like Copy Paste- this just adds to the problem. There are plenty of good vehicles to take out already in the 6.3-6.7 range- the M26 isn’t by any means necessary. And, again, copy paste is annoying and frustrating. So unless there was something unique about it, unfortunately I don’t know if I can support it.




Ah yes “Worse vehicle in the game”. It’s almost as if I heard this be used for every. Vehicle. In Game before for the past 7 years.



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Everyone gets a Sherman.
Everyone gets a M26 😂


Guys, please focus on vehicle discussion not history imagined or political stuffs, thank you in advance.


Every country got a Sherman and few got the M26. It’s not surprising. Many countries’ industries are still recovering.

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-1 pointless copy-paste