M247 proxy fuze

So can we get proxy fuze ammo at rank 1 or 2? At this moment its at rank 4 and is borderline useless without it, ap belt was taken so its just pure pain grinding out the only usefull ammo and without it its just overtiered


Somehow I doubt it, since they removed the ability to do a full load of the VT fuses… they’re not going to help you out with getting them.

Isnt that a bug? That you cant carry full load of vt?

Well the bug report from a year ago hasn’t been acknowledged.
Can this get some traction either way?


It’s not a bug, belt composition is subject to balance restrictions.

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Then Gepard and other platforms based on it should also receive such treatment. Gepard is much better than M247 yet it sits at a lower br. Also Gepard can easily pen most MBTs even from the front but M247 cannot.

Gepard already has such restrictions.
Only 40 rounds of APDS. It’s been that way since release.


Still better than M247

Since both this and the VEAK utterly rely on their VT rounds to have any AA potential at the tier, they should at least have one VT shell in their default belt. This will give them some limited AA potential while they’re still grinding out upgrades.

Also, the VEAK already has it’s VT belt as a tier one, there’s no reason the M247 should still have it at tier 4.


The begal can’t take a full proxy belt last time i checked

And the AHEAD doesnt work sad as well, has the 2S38 full access to proxy rounds?

The AHEAD round isn’t a radio proxy fuse, it’s controlled by a fire control computer, the air targets distance is calculated by the gunners sight along with lasing the target to get a precise distance, from what i remember i think the fuse is magnetically set as the round leaves the barrel and is timed to explode in front of the aircraft… However NONE of that is programed in game currently so they’re effectively useless… For some reason in gaijins infinite wisdom they’ve decided to not even allow it to just have a standard proxy fuse temporarily until its fully implemented like it is irl in game.

was meaned sarcastical but i can see it coming over wrong

Begleit & 2S38 both can run full proxy.
2S38 has air tracking, but the Begleit we have in-game didn’t get it or potentially any Begleit.

Weird i can only load 46 proxy rounds into the begalpanzer.

Have you checked if there is a Purchase button in modification view ammo selection dropdown for proxy ammo?

If some ammo limitation changed between versions, the auto ammo purchase feature won’t buy more than your existing storage and you have to manually buy them (for one time).

I’ll try that tonight, I’ve always had a 50/50 split between proxy and AP and this has sorta messed that up. Handy to know in future is that’s the case… We’ll just call it a feature lol

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If this is related to a video game, its possible that updates or patches could have changed the availability of certain items, so its a good idea to check

Are you a real person? You are talking like AI.