M247 Ammo Capacity

Hey I’m new to the top tier area and just got the M247 and realized it has 250 shells PER GUN but I can only carry 250 total, as in the entirety of both racks being filled is only 250 rounds.
Is this a bug/glitch? a typo in the development of the York that no one cared to fix? or is it just that way because they said so?
Again I’m new to this and I don’t know if this has been mentioned a million times or not, It’s my favorite SPAA so far and I’d like to see this thing at full potential.
Thank you.

Unless you split the type of ammo types (AP & HE), you do have 2x 250 rounds as it shows 250/2 in the icon.

You should be able to carry up to 500 rounds, you can take up to 2 magazines (each of 125 rounds) for the specific ammo type, and up to 4 (so 4x125) of the default ammo. So if you only have 250 rounds TOTAL, then most likely you just haven’t fully filled up your ammoracks.