M24 Chaffee Reload Rate

According to this document, TM 9-729 Light Tank M24 : United States. Department of the Army : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive, on page 329 it states that the maximum reload rate was 20 rounds per minute. In game this would equate to a 3 second reload with an ace crew, obviously this would warrant a BR change, but I would like to hear what you guys think.

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Unless the vehicle has an autoloader, reload speed is entirely a game balancing consideration. It does not necessarily match up with the real reload speed.

Yeah, but the reload on the Chaffee is more than TWO times longer, even with an aced crew (3s IRL, 6.5s aced in-game). That is not a balance consideration, that’s a straight up big nerf to its rate of fire.

Actually, same goes for most US autoloaders, which you say that they receive a realistic reload rate - T54E1 has like 3x slower reload speed than it should, M1128 stuck at 7.5s when it should be 6, HSTV-L with 1.5 instead of 0.8, etc. Even Leclerc only recently got fixed.

tbh even then gaijin chooses to balance the reload rate of everything as they see fit.

The Type 90 and Type 10 are still missing their 3 second reloads, and of course the myriad of US autoloaders ghost already mentioned.

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This is partially incorrect. Any tank that has an autoloader or not regardless can have their reload speed directly changed due to balancing if the developers see it fair, is more a better way to word it. For example, The French Leclerc MBT which has an autoloader got a more realistic reload buff not that long ago to compensate for its lack of protection compared to other nation MBTs while the American Abrams that doesn’t have an autoloader had its reload speed for the 120mm changed shorter recently too.

…That’s pretty impressive for a 75mm. Anything special about the Chaffee? Because a 3s reload at the slowest sounds quite optimistic.

Correct. It is a nerf. It is a nerf for balance.

Ok fair. Not sure about the Type 10 and Type 90s but I know they made up the 7.5 second reload for the M1128 based on a magazine even though the manufacturer says it’s 10 seconds and all videos of it show a 10 second autoloader.

I should have phrased it better. In theory, autoloaders are supposed to have their real loading speed. In practice, they have their real loading speed 65% of the time after people get mad enough for long enough about it.

It was 3 seconds at the fastest.

Thanks for the feedback! I personally think that the aced reload should be 3 seconds with an increase in BR, however I do respect your guy’s opinions.