M1a2 sep v3

that’s just an excuse from gaijin as always

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Its weight is accurate to the SEPv2 + TUSK-II?

The SEPv3 was made to modernize the Abrams based off of combat experience, not counter anything. A lot was learned from battles such as Al Sadr or Samarra.
It has better armor specifically to combat 21st century ATGMs, giving it an estimated 1.5m of CE effectiveness, as well as survivability updates against more prevalent munitions.

4S23 is far from unknown, let alone the “most powerful” armor. Relikt is a basic extension of Kontakt-5, to such the point were 4S23 and 4S22 are interchangeable…
If you want unknown and “most powerful”, take Monolith. It’s some NxRA lovechild.

Because I’d rather have the truth for the Abrams? I’ve been in a large amount of Soviet threads arguing ammunition and armor patterns…

But please, go off about how I’m “anti-american”.

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the abrams project was built around to defeat (counter) soviet tanks…

Yes, the XM-1 and its project started due to the T-64A and early production T-72… What does this have to do with the SEPv3 and it’s imaginary capabilities against the T-80BVM, a niche T-80 upgrade?

russia is still somewhat a threat so our tank is still somewhat supposed to counter the rusted out t80

but also since the soviet union fell, yall havent been the biggest thing but our tanks are meant to help counter other tanks on what we know based on them.

im not saying its the best but it does the job best it can do

Because the only proof of upgraded hull armor is for the AIMv2, which has been passed to devs for resolution.

Nobody claimed that? The M1A2 SEPv3 has had suspension damping and general strength increased because of its increased weight. Hell, it’s stated that there is increased hull and turret armor, and this directly corroborates that and its heavier weight tolerances.

The SEPv3 has nothing to do with the T-80 or its development.

just add the SEPv3 it won’t be pointless as it would come with better armour and APS


so adding tons of weight is just for the new tusk only? that’s gotta be some dark matter tusk to weight 4 tones and add to the sep no value against KE protection

we talking about abrams armour that equipped with DU and there’s no DU ingame since it can get penetrated easily with dm53, can u explain how that’s possible one cheek easily penetrated but the other not and both equipped with “DU” as u say.

why don’t u seek the truth about other tanks too? and why the leopard is so bad compared with the striddsvagens, it’s became quite a big amount of arguments u pulling when an abrams tank comes to mind, and why u won’t argue the fact that t80’s are not modeled right and when u shoot a tank the shells magicaly disappear but when u shoot an abrams it literally exploades and the shells go throught the tank and goes out like if u shot a bottle made from plastic.

if Tusk is similar to the TES kit it should provide much CE protection then it does in game

Yeah? Between the M1A2 SEP and SEPv2 there’s a little under a tonne of difference.

It’s 1.5 tonnes?

This is pretty blatantly ignorant, seeing as every Abrams since the legacy M1 had DU implemented into its armor. This isn’t an argument about its realistic protection, you just use “b-but DU!1!!11” as an empty reason to have more armor.
The HA packages of HAP-1 and HAP-2 are based off of testing against M1A1s with EAP-2 +10% effective armor to account for domestic packages.


I do? I’ve argued on their autoloaders, their patterns of armor, their gun nomenclature and capability, and their ammunition.
Beautiful whataboutism, though.

gaijoob is known for years to push russian propaganda and make the t80’s like somekind of superman, and yes it would but they don’t that’s why there’s always a graveyard full of seps everygame and usa winrate is so low but will gaijoob do something about it like they did to the russians with adding the object? naaah let them suffer.

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Gaijin can argue all they want that the SEPv3 won’t have better hull armor, but we have absolute proof that it does, aside from the pictures of the weight simulators.

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my heart sank for a moment

and where did you find that?

u didn’t reply on the leopard and strvs controversy and why they’re more powerful than the leopards?

why don’t u argue about their invisible spall liners that’s been in them for years now but naah u pull them arguments just when u hear a topic on the abrams

Not a single person said the SEPv3 doesn’t have improved hull armor.

Thanks for corroborating with what everybody else says about the SEPv3.