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M1A2 Sep V3
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Country of origin: United States

Entered service 2020

Crew 4

Dimensions and weight

Weight 66.8 t

Length (gun forward) 9.77 m

Hull length 7.92 m

Width 3.7 m

Height ~ 2.4 m


Main gun 120 mm smoothbore

Machine guns 1 x 12.7 mm, 2 x 7.62 mm

Elevation range - 9 to + 20 degrees

Traverse range 360 degrees

Ammunition load

The main gun has 42 rounds

Machine guns 1,000 x 12.7 mm, 12,400 x 7.62 mm

for Mobility

Engine Honeywell AGT1500 gas turbine

Engine power 1 500 hp

Maximum road speed 68 km/h

Range 425 km


Gradient 60%

Side slope 40%

Vertical step 1 m

Trench 2.7 m

The M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams tank is like the superhero version of its predecessors, the SEP v2 and the SEP. It’s got this new armor called Next Evolutionary Armor (NEA), which basically acts like a shield against all kinds of threats, making it super tough and protecting the crew better than ever before. Plus, it’s got this cool new underbody protection system that keeps it safe from those sneaky improvised explosive devices (IEDs), so the crew can breathe a little easier knowing they’re well protected.

But that’s not all – the SEP v3 also comes with upgraded firepower thanks to improvements in its fire control system. Now, it can communicate digitally with all sorts of new ammunition, making it more accurate and deadly when taking out enemy targets. And let’s not forget about its networking capabilities, which basically means it can talk and share information with other friendly forces on the battlefield, making teamwork even more effective.

Oh, and did I mention its energy efficiency? With an auxiliary power unit onboard, the SEP v3 is like the Energizer bunny – it just keeps going and going, even in the most demanding situations. So yeah, the M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams tank is basically a total powerhouse, ready to take on anything that comes its way on the battlefield.



The M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams tank brings some serious upgrades compared to its predecessors, the SEP v2 and the SEP, but in a way that really looks out for the crew. With better armor, like Next Evolutionary Armor, the SEP v3 keeps the crew safer, especially from things like improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Plus, it’s got improved firepower and networking, so the crew can work together better and feel more confident in their ability to handle whatever comes their way on the battlefield. And with an auxiliary power unit onboard, they can keep going strong for longer, giving them more flexibility to tackle different missions. All in all, the SEP v3 is a game-changer, making life easier and safer for the crew while still keeping things professional.

There are two more things I would like, as this tank has thermal netting, which I would like to have to help reduce the massive signature of the Abrams engine, and I would like some regular netting, which would just look nice.



primary sources:

What the sep v3 adds in short:

  1. New armor package with depleted uranium armor.

  2. Modified Rafael Trophy HV active protection system.

  3. Laser warning receiver for threat detection.

  4. Electronic device to counter remotely controlled IEDs.

  5. Ability to fire newly developed munitions: M1147 Advanced Multi-Purpose and M829A4 Advanced Kinetic Energy rounds.

  6. Upgraded fire control system.

  7. Improved networking capabilities with the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS).

  8. Enhanced auxiliary power unit for reliability.

  9. Improved maintainability and logistical support.

  10. Compatibility with heavy military transport aircraft for airlift operations.



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Quite literally the only reason to add the SEPv3 is for the addition of M908… Then again, we aren’t trying to kill barricaded militants sitting behind half a meter of concrete.

1 - Every Abrams already has DU armor, and all this introduces is another package to fuck up. There’s little to no reason for an upgrade in armor on the Abrams, especially when it isn’t even clear what was upgraded.
2 - The SEPv2 is already capable of mounting Trophy
3 - Upgrades such as the 3rd gen FLIR, upgraded color systems, and the VVR-4 LWS weren’t added to the SEPv3, but were planned for the SEPv4 until that collapsed.
4 - What remote controlled IEDs are in WT? What relevance does this add? Will we be fighting Sturmtigers with this thing?
5 - M829A4 is identical to M829A3, which is already capable of being fired on the SEPv2.
As for M1147, almost all information on it isn’t available. There’s nothing to take out of this shell, and it’s effectively a mixture of M908 and M1028… So… Useless in WT.
6 - In… What way? What, is knowing the ambient temperature somehow an FCS addition that’s needed in WT? We already have an exact ballistics overlay in every match.
7 - JTRS is irrelevant to in-game properties.
8 - Multiple variants in-game have externally mounted APUs… This is nothing special. The only difference between this and other Abrams variants is that the APU is implemented inside the vehicle.
9 - Again… Where is this relevant as a WT addition?
10 - ^^

Now to read what you actually said.

NGAP is quite literally the only useful addition to this vehicle. Apart from that, it does nothing different from the SEPv2 from a gameplay standing. For IED and hull protection, this is nothing but dead weight. We don’t have to deal with anti-tank mines, nor do I see them being implemented in any way other than a faint idea of a map limitation mechanic.

The firepower of the SEPv3 is the exact same as previous, though this has ADL.
Now tell me… What advantages does ADL give you? The ability to program fuses of ammunition already loaded into the breech…?
I mean, sure… You can now fire DM11A1 and M908… What purpose does timed HE serve when M830A1 is already in-game with a self-destroying directional fuse?

Pretty much every Abrams above 11.3 already has an APU.

Would be a great cosmetic addition, especially if it was something that could be applied on any tank (of course, era based).


If you think the SEPv3 is a pointless addition, you are dead wrong.

Aside from having massively better armor on the turret and mantlet, it also has massively better armor on the hull front, which is a very big deal.
All of this also comes with the lowest weight on an Abrams since the M1A2 - the SEPv3 has a “low” weight of only 60-62 tonnes, making it the best protected variant and more mobile than the preceding A2 variants.
M829A4 is also a very large upgrade over the M829A3, which should already be a beast when added.

Besides, M908 can already be fired by any M1A2 and further variant, which I have bug reported.


By all means, tell me what’s worthwhile about it.

Which, as I’ve said, is a notable addition. Did you not read my comment?

It weighs 67 tonnes…? It’s 1.6 tonnes heavier than the prior M1A2 SEPv2 model…

ATK directly states that M829A4 has the same penetrator and “length, weight, and center of
gravity” as M829A3. It’s the exact same apart from the addition of ADL and propellent.

A further point that undermines the addition of the SEPv3.


It might weigh more than the SEPv2, but that’s with all the addon armor put on the tank, massively increasing weight. SEPv2 is also currently nerfed by being unable to uneqip the armor.

M1A2 SEPv3 weight:

If you remove all the add-on armor that is indicated in the right top, you remove a total of 0.67+4.5+2.4=7.57 tons, which reduces the total weight from 73.7 tons to 66.13 tons, which is 60 TONNES, the metric the game uses.

Without the useless add-on armor, this tank is a decent bit lighter than the previous A2 variants, and with trophy, it reaches around 61-62 tonnes.


I don’t think you understand.
The M1A2 SEPv2 in-game weighs 66.1 tonnes with the TUSK-II applique kit.
The M1A2 SEPv3 is 66.7 tonnes.

Looking back, I was wrong on my mental math. For some reason I went “66.7 - 66.1 = 1.6”.
Real 1 + 1 = 11 moment^

It quite literally says in your image that the SEPv3 weighs 73.6 tons.
That’s 66.7 tonnes.
The SEPv2, by that same chart you sent, weighs 62.98 tonnes to 64.5 tonnes depending on iteration.

The final two bars with APS/FP additions quite clearly show the weigh difference between kitted and not? By all means, find me one source that corroborates this 60 tonne figure. Tell me how the image you yourself have sent saying “Turret/Hull redesigns to save 10 tons (26%) are NOT feasible” doesn’t contradict your own statement.
Better yet, what use would add-on weight simulators on prior models serve if the armor package was lighter? What purpose would suspension upgrades serve if there was no weight increase?

Again, substantiate it. Doing chalkboard math to questionable interpretation of a chart that already shows add-on weights in separate bars does not count.

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It quite literally says in my image that the SEPv3 weighs 73.6 tons, which INCLUDES ALL THE ADD-ON ARMOR VERY CLEARLY DISPLAYED THERE. I don’t know if you can’t read or what. But that add-on armor adds 7.57 tons, which brings it to the final 73.7 tons. With it removed, it weighs 66.13 tons or 60 tonnes.

The redesigns to reduce weights indicate FURTHER attempts to reduce weight below the 66 ton/60 tonne weight, which was already achieved by massive weight reduction redesigns. This is one of the primary objectives of the SEPv3, and a further culmination of the all the weight reduction programs incorporated since the M1A2’s usage of titanium for armor to reduce weight.


Why don’t they fix the in-game abrams instead of adding a copy pasted once instead


Gaijin disagrees

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i have to state the obvious so that it gets (hopefully) added in game

they can pick fight with general dynamics

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Isnt this the wrong Sep V3?
Isnt this it?

(Better Lighting)

(Old Forum Post)

the sep ingame is totally unnacurate to take into consideration, gaijin failed to make the abrams accurate as much as possible to the one irl, and the sep v3 was made to counter the BVM since it came with a new kind of armour that’s unknown and totally more powerful than any tank in existence.

and why i gotta find u arguing always in abrams topics why i don’t find u on the russians topics arguing how’s the abrams is overrated ash that says that you’re anti-american like gaijin.

that addition of the sep v3 is important since it comes with new armour while the sep v2 is useless and get 1 shot and abrams known for it’s powerful turret now it’s getting penetrated easily with 3bm46

Funny, I see two separate classes specifically dedicated to the SEPv3 with add-on armor and APS fixtures…

Is TUSK-II not 4 tonnes?
Better yet, is this the only backing you have? As I’ve said, I’d like outside substantiation from a copy/paste nondescript chart + chalkboard math.

What redesigns? Suspension? Crew seating? Internal armor arrangement?

That had no mention of the SEPv3

They claim that for all non specialized/test variants

They claim “the suspension is too weak for DU in hull” and there is no mention of improved suspension for any model

it did

they meant for all