M1A2 SEP V2..A glass tiger?

With the historical evidence of this tank being superior. Why is it that I can shoot any of the other tanks in its class in the flank. And they are still able to turn and one shot me or at the least take out my gun( I either get one shot and many times form the front or my gun gets taken out. Always those two) then proceed to kill me. .Most shot from the front or angles shot at my front. Its so frustrating playing this tank because its designed to be so bad? Why? When its considered to be the best or one of the best tanks in the world and the most survivable?


Leopards are simply better. Other than that it’s just skill issue. You shouldn’t be doing cqc combat with this tank, it’s too wide and the neck is a massive weakspot to apfsds (GJN doesn’t help with their shitty small maps either) Ariete Leclerc and challenger are worse is every way but you don’t see people crying.

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Show me the proof where Leos are better?

Play them and you will find out

Frankly within war thunder the myth of the M1 series being “survivable” is laughable at best. IRL the vehicle was chosen as it’s survivability being one of it’s defining merits over it’s peers when being designed.

Much akin to the A-10 have none of it’s integrity and survivability in WT, the M1 series lacks it as well. It has been shown time and time again that only soviet or russian equipment is allowed to take a hit beyond a light breeze. Heck, even the F-15A, which is also famous for it’s ability to operate with portions of it’s airframe missing, looses total control when it has a few holes in it’s wings.

One day the M1 series might actually live up to it’s IRL capabilities, but today is not that day.


Thank you for not gaslighting me on the topic. So I’m not the only one who thinks there is a bias. I’ve worked with a few guys who have gone to war with the M1. They would be pissed if they knew how weak and trash the devs have made their beloved tank!

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J_ackal…You cant call a game, “Realistic” and also justify changed to game content based on realisim when the best tank made is so much trash. And have one nation with a SAM that can out reach all overs. And shooting down ATGM…LOL…How is that realistic??

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At some point yall have to learn this is a game. Not a sim.

Gaijin believes the Abrams tanks never had Depleted Uranium Armor in the hull meanwhile is using sources from exported versions of the vehicles. As “Proof”. Someone on another forum posted filed a FOIA(Freedom Of Information Act) to get confirmation from the United States Government that it indeed does have in the hull. I also stated I would eat toilet paper if it goes through and Gaijin does end up adding it into the game.


LOLOL!!! Well YALL will have to stop calling it a sim or realistic battles or how there is no bias. When YALL can do that Ill eat toilet paper!

There is no bias. All tanks have the same weak spots.

What’s unrealistic about that

Its not remotely a glass cannon. Its armor profile is only slightly inferior to the leopard 2

How can 12 on 12 tank engagements be realistic if your not talking of WW2 period?
War Thunder only tries to be realistic, and while IRL tank performance might be great that simply wont apply to WT, simply because
1: You wont meet your historical enemies
2: Even if you do they will have a-historical rounds choices just to make it balanced or a-historical changes made in vehicles production/service.
3: War Thunder ground battles and actual wars are nowhere close. 1 is a mess of aviation and tanks on the short maps (even biggest maps in game are), ifvs, other is mess of mostly aviation, ifvs, countless RPG, ATGMs troops, artilery and mines.

small maps are way way better than the massive ones where you cannot predict where a wolfpack will suddenly appear and obliterate all of your hopes and dreams

actually that also describes all air, i wonder why both feel like utter bullshit that has no counter in the moment and that gives them a 30x bigger advantage… hmmm…

Challenger isn’t worse than Abrams anymore. Since it got spall liner it’s doing pretty good.

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Miraz…I agree…I was slugging it out and didnt die the other night. But when im in my M1 i die on the first hit. Doesnt matter which im facing.The M1A1 has become the M1 Sherman. The Bronzen Burner

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Lmao ok. The tank that loses all it’s speed in a slight turn. As far as spall liners go, they seem to be only effective on the leopards, which already were a black hole when it came to side shots (now even worse). Maybe the t90m too.

What historical evidence is that then? Just wondering when it faced off against tanks in a similar class.