M1A2, SEP & SEP V2 Ideas

Starting off while I don’t agree that the Abrams has correct armor if it is deemed not to have it by the devs and they’re seeking other ways to improve the vehicle, an idea I propose is adding the option to use a mouse joystick to control the turret with a FCS implemented.

While I see the mouse joystick could be seen as a disadvantage in a lot of situations I don’t see why there couldn’t be a hotkey to switch back to standard mouse aim, and that coupled with the lack of turret inertia could also help the mouse joysticks case.

This would give the abrams a good advantage firing on the move and at moving targets at a distance which I feel if the armor is not added could make the Abrams (and any other potential tanks that need something to make them competitive such as ariete) a viable option.

Now I do realize this could cause people who drive other powerful in game tanks that have an FCS in real life to want them but I’m kind of word salad-ing at this point so what’s your guy’s thoughts?


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