M1A1 KVT. Why is the KVT in game the M1 (105)?

Why is the M1 KVT in game the early version of the Abrams when the one in real life was the M1A1? Even the specific tank that Gaijin modeled the tank after is the A1 variant of the tank.


Cause KVT is an aesthetic module capable of being put on any Abrams.
There’s nothing the M1 lacks for the module.

so they could sell a premium abrams that wasn’t top tier only to sell the HC click bait later anyway


just dont give it m829a1 and put it at like 10.7 or 11.0

Not true because only M1A1s were used as the KVT VISMOD. They used an early M1 because it didn’t have the bustle rack modelled. Wrapped a camo net around the 105 barrel and hoped no one noticed. It was a low-effort screw up.

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when the tank is modeled after the m1a1 it starts to get annoying


It isn’t though.
KVT isn’t a tank, it’s a module for any M1 they have in service.
By the time it was used, M1s were out of reserve and retired, so they weren’t used. Otherwise they would be used.

No screw up. Refer to above statement in this post.

The type of argument you’re posting is the same one that “TUSK can’t be used on M1A1 cause they never equipped it.” even though it can. And TUSK could even be equipped to M1 Abrams OG if needed.

If needed. There isn’t a single image on the internet that i can find of the M1 (standard) with the KVT package.


There isn’t a single image of XP-50 with guns, or M247 with AP belts, etc.
Just cause they weren’t given them IRL doesn’t mean they’re not capable of using them.
Realism > historical LARPing.

I mean to your credit, yeah Gaijin does have a tendency of having unrealistic features or outright fictional vehicles. (panther 2 moment)

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check this post and you can find that it is obvious that some people do not want M1KVT users to receive a more powerful premium

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Russia gets the TURMS-T, Germany gets the 2A4, Japan gets the Type 90, Etc… All of these tanks have relatively on par with the M1A1 and they all have similar guns (the leopard and type 90 getting the same one) at the BR of the M1 OG (not the type 90 ik)

No it could not. The M1 does not have the wiring and electronics.
Back OT; The MILES 2 system is not the same for an M1 and M1A1+ etc. The VISMOD kit wasn’t ever fitted to an plain M1.
and so…
The point is that WT is supposed to model historical vehicles. Their “KVT” is NOT historical.
Stop trying to rationalize.


TUSK doesn’t use electronics… it’s ERA.
M1 KVT is as realistic no matter how much people protest.

TUSK is more than ERA.

Factually untrue.


1st Squadron, 221st Cavalry (globalsecurity.org)
221st Cavalry Regiment - Wikipedia
M1A1 is in fact not realistic no matter how much you protest.


m1 kvt* my attention span sucks

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When KVT released i also thought why not make it the M1A1 and was mad. After preordering Clickbait and playing with it, i am happy KVT exist as it is. The 11.3 are unplayable and i have barely 30% WR on 11.3 cause the Abramses at that BR and teams in general suck big time. At 10.3 i can still atleast carry my team and have about 50% WR there with the KVT.

The actual truth

As long as players keep rewarding their shitty practices, nothing will change.

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idk why they couldnt put it at 10.7 or 11.0. if they didnt give it m829a1 they can put it at 10.7 and with it just put it at 11.0 like the other M1A1