Upgrade the M1 KVT to M1A1 KVT and hide it (or not) in the Gaijin Store or change the the M1 KVT owners' to M1A1 HC Click-Bait

As the stronger Abrams coming to the game, the old thing comes to us: Upgrade our M1 KVT. All of us know that the KVT (Krasnovian Variant Tank) are the M1A1s that have been visually modified, that means we acturlly should have a premium M1A1 in 11.0 but not a M1 in 10.3. I cant find the trouble of not do the upgrade for M1 KVT, especially after the premium M1A1 HC coming to the game.

  • Change the players’ M1 KVT to M1A1 HC Click-Bait who already bought M1 KVT before the M1A1 HC Click-Bait been sold
  • Upgrade the M1 KVT to M1A1 KVT( If do so, joining the 2rd vote)

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  • Upgrade the M1 KVT to M1A1 KVT and hide it in store (If you can, id like to know why)
  • Upgrade the M1 KVT to M1A1 KVT and dont hide it in store (If you can, id like to know why)
  • Dont upgrade the M1 KVT to M1A1 KVT (If you can, id like to know why)

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I’d give a heart, but I’m out for now. +1 to the idea!
I hope it can happen.


I’m in, but you should create a vote bro.

how can i do that? i dont know much about this forum

when you make a post, there is a gear button next to all the formatting options, its in there.

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thx, and i add a vote now

ive added it now

imo it should still be in store and moved up in rank.

So you want 2 M1A1 prems at 11.0? Nah, keep the KVT as is and just enjoy the HC.


M1A1 HC is a 11.3 vehicle, and its useless for grind if already have a RANK VII premuim

i want ka-50 upgrade then to night shark if you really want to cry about that


well,if you bought the m1 KVT you were buying the m1 in specific, not the m1a1 KVT, i dont see why would you be entitle to a product upgrade, it isnt like you were not able to see it before you bought it or it was false advertisement.


Well if that isn’t absolutely horrid, I don’t know what is.

People have voiced their wants for an actual KVT for a while now. There was never such a thing as an “M1 KVT” in reality, so the one ingame should go the way of the old CV-90-105 and be replaced with M1A1 KVT for those who have it.


the BR problem comes from gaijin’s balance but not the vehicles themsleves, there is no reason for us to pay for gaijin’s mistakes

in the case of the 105 both shared the same name, but with the m1 is not the case as they clearly advertised as a “** A visually modified M1 Abrams**”

You should not have bought the tank if you did not like it. Leave the KVT as it is currently. It was already well known that it was not a historically accurate tank, but a premium created to compete with other tanks at or near its BR.

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you are comparing an orange to an apple.


i bought the KVT because its KVT but not a M1, i already bought wolfpack before i bought the KVT, gaijin use “Historical factual” let more people to play WT and now gaijin send a unreal vehicles as a premuim to get our 60$, so isnt that a fraud?

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